• Oslo isn’t the righteous way: 10 years proved that!
    Let’s give the people’s choice a chance!

    Thank you.

  • I detest Hamas, but because it is a reactionary fundamentalist organization, not because it is against Oslo. Oslo was yet another scehme on the side of Israeli imperialism and it never offered the Palestinian people anything concrete, nor could it, considering the fact that its writers were racist and ex-transferist Rabin and right-wing nationalist Arafat.

  • Mohammed

    Actually what Oslo proved was that the Muslim world is still controlled by oriental despotism. The whole world was suddeenly exposed to the reality that there is no such thing as “Palestinian society” only an evil little dictator milking pitiful and poor people of the billions of dollars people like ME gave you through my taxes.

    My patience for extending this welfare drip is just about up. Time for you to understand that.

  • Neoleftychick :

    Your taxes are what your “elected” government chose to give out.
    The same government using YOUR taxes to fund the war in Iraq.

    It’s all to secure your position in the region as legislators of the so-called peace process.

    YOU should be fond of that, and like it. WE should resent it, rather.

  • But it has always been this way: the Zionists oppress the Palestinians, and when the Palestinians rise against them, the Zionists wonder why those evil Palestinians don’t thank them for not being more brutal.

  • Neoliftychick, lol I can’t believe you’re complaining about extending welfare to others with your tax money and pointing the finger at the Palestinians. Seriously what planet are you on?

    Here, take a look at this: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/stats/usaid.html

    The US gives the Israeli government and occupation forces more than $15 million every day. Palestinian NGO’s (not the PA), get a little over $200 thousand. Palestinians might have received a few billions of dollars of American aid throughout the last decade, but Israel receives that same amount every single year, and even more … In 1997, Israel received a total of $5,525,800,000 of US grants and loan guarantees. $2 billion more than the $3 billion figure that media reported that year.

    Five billion dollars, that’s enough to run a country the size of Israel (it was enough for Jordan in 1997), but why does Israel need all of this on top of its already good GDP? I’ll tell you why, because unlike normal countries, Israel has to sustain an occupation!

    Brace yourself for landing on Earth Neoleftychick, please don’t unbuckle just yet.

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