Al-Queda Comes to Palestine?

Did you ever ask yourself that question: How could the situation in Palestine possibly get any worse?

Well Israel’s Ynet reports that the group Army of Jihad has been distributing pamplets of a leader of Isama Bin Laden’s magnitude who will soon “reveal himself” in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It also urges non-Muslims to leave foreign embassies and the Palestinian areas within one month.

The pamphlet reads:

â??Is there now among us a person like Saladin, like Sheik Osama bin Laden, like Abu Musab Zarqawi? The answer is yes. We have this man and he will appear with the help of Allah very soon on the land of Palestine…

…We ask all foreigners who are not Muslims to leave our holy Islamic land. We will fight all those who do not believe that Allah is the one and only God. (We will fight) every government that will not apply the rules of Allah and Islam and that chooses to follow the rules of the West and the infidels that bring corruption to our lives and religion like prostitution, alcohol â?¦ and drugs.

…we will fight all the corrupted and unbelieving politicians. It will be a great war for the purity of the land of Islam and Palestine.â?

There’s nothing I can do but laugh and cry at the same time. Heck even Hamas thinks AlQueda is a bunch of crazy loons! The funniest part was the comparision of Saladin to Osama Bin Laden. Are you kidding me?

Ironically the corrupted and unbelieving politicians is a threat to the PA, maybe even Abbas himself.

I’m not a fan of the more radical movements in Palestine but I admit it would be enjoyable to see them team up and kick Al-Queda out. That’s just a day dream though; it’s not like Palestinians have enough to worry about when it comes to Israel that they now have to focus their energies to these crazies.


  • Well the IDF has been babbling about the Al-Qaeda presence in Gaza for a while now.
    M.Abbas addressed the issue last month I think.
    Yeah this is the sad news,they are in!

    The problem is that these clowns (in any country,religion,century) find supporters.

    Yeah well, as if Palestinians are not having enough!

    Tarawneh, the problem is that these clowns are good at what they do, they got money, and have no HQ or a fixed address (like what it’s happening in Iraq, I mean it takes lots of work to bomb the Golden mosque, so it’s clear they are not another crazy teens with a printer.

    The whole region is going nuts! Iran is preparing to invade the Arabian(Persian) Gulf , Syria is not put on hold.

    Remember what Bush said in his state of the union speech? “Unstable parts of the world?” and I was like: Where , who, the middle east? It’s just Iraq, then I paused for a while, the guy is right!
    Unstable part of the world!

    Yeah, one last thing, they make it sound like a cult! The anointed one will reveal himself soon to show the nations the path of righteousness.

    Hey the source is World Net Daily. Fantastic!

    The world gone “Wild”

  • Sorry but this is just too fishy, ya3ni it’s too easy for Israel to manufacture this and the world would be stupid not to believe that Israel would be willing to do that.

    I honestly don’t think Al Qaeda members themselves would compare Bin Laden to Salah Al Deen, huh!!

  • At a time when the fundamentalist currents are becoming more amiable to imperialism, I find it hard to believe that something like this can happen. Probably just some imperialist provocation.

  • It seems Iran can topple the whole Israeli-Palestinian issue by asking one man to announce something to this tune, lol

    I can but laugh at how the media can divert people’s attention to silly things an make them the focus of the debate. It is like a man in a house that is burning, and someone reminds him to switch off the light in the next room because the bulb will run out soon.

    The fact is, Palestine is all, to its last inch, stolen by Israel. Is this man really a big issue in comparison?

  • its about time these people started putting thier money where thier mouth is.

    if they didn;t, then al queda would be about as militant as their arab governments, talking a lot of shit about what they are going to do to Israel, but never doing a damn thing

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