Israel Kills 8 Year Old Islamic Jihad Militant

8 Year old Raed Al Batsh’s last moments probably involved seeing a missile cut through a car in front of him. 15-year-old Ahmed Al Sweissi and another 15 year old boy (unnamed) also died from the blast. [source]

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz threatened the incomming Palestinian Prime Minister, telling him to fear for his life if Hamas attacks Israel again. I don’t want to point out the double standard.

As for these kids they just murdered, I guess this is what Mofaz meant when he told army radio: “No one is immune”


An Israeli air strike killed Raad Al-Batash, 8, Mahmoud Al-Batash, 15, and Ahmad a-Sweisi, 14, on Monday. Sumiyya Al-Batch, the mother of Raad and Mahmoud, was also wounded. And in a separate incident, two brothers, Allam and Nidal Abu Saud, 14 and 15, were blown to pieces when an undetonated explosive left by the Israeli military in their neighborhood suddenly exploded near them.

Eight other passers-by were wounded in the air strike, most of them children, and Sukar’s aunt, who lives nearby, died of a heart attack when she was told the news of the boys’ deaths.

…a report by Israeli human rights group B’tselem called the attack a war crime [source]â?


  • Yeah, I live in Israel, and the media does a truly fantastic job at presenting every Palestinian murdered by the army as some sort of extreme danger to Israeli national security. Goebbles could’ve learned a thing our two from our boys.

  • Well they’ll tell you we are sorry and we’ll do an invistigation!

    And some will say: These terrorists keep hiding between civilians, using kids as human shields.

    Others will say Pales. keep their kids wondering on the streets and push them to die as a shaheed then gives you a link of MEMRI TV talking about kids and Shaheed thing.

    Hamas as well killed innocent kids.

    It’s really sad and it looks like it will never stops!

    No wonder the Martians have not invaded us yet, our planet is so uninviting!

  • I can’t find anything about this story on the major news web sites.

    Nothing on CNN’s front page about this, even under Middle East headlines in CNN World.
    Neither on BBC’s front page. Even in BBC World News.
    Nothing on Google news.
    Of course nothing on fox news.
    Nothing on Al Jazeera!!

    Is this from last week?

  • Sean Coon: “the double standard is obvious, ridiculous and sickening.”

    You’re right, Sean. When terrorists kill Israeli children for being members of the “occupation”, no Arab is upset. That double standard is obvious, ridiculous, and sickening.

    Also, Hamas has a new website encouraging children to become suicide bombers:

    It looks as if the website may be experiencing some technical difficulties the last time I tried to access it.

  • Dan, ever stop to wonder why a bomber is prepared to blow himself? I think the above story is inspirational enough.

    And if you want them to stop doing it then give them some of those missiles like they used to kill these kids and they’ll probably stop.

  • Nas, they have missles. Why do you think that Israel is targeting Islamic Jihad currently. They have been launching missles indiscriminately at Israelis. Wake up.

  • Dan, Palestinians have missiles? Or did you mean defunct katyusha rockets from egyptian black markets? Let’s be fair here…if you want them to stop blowing themselves up…just give them everything israelis have and then we’ll have a fair fight.

    how about everything here:

  • OK. So now Arabs want a fair fight? How many wars have the Arabs fought with the Jews where the Arabs had overwhelming superiority of men and munitions?

    They’ve already had their chance to fight. They lost. Repeatedly, they’ve lost. It is time that the Arab world accept the fact that their are consequences for waging aggressive wars and losing.

    That is all I am going to say about the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It is pointless to belabor the issue with people who just don’t see eye to eye. We just will never fully agree. The best anybody can do under the circumstances is accept the reality that we have two people living side by side, neither of whom can, at this point, rightfully vanquish the other. There needs to be a cessation of all violence and progress toward a peaceful solution. I understand that people will be upset when the innocent die. The fact remains, though, that if Islamic Jihad had not been attacking Israel over the past weeks and months, there would have ben

    BTW, I don’t wan’t to minimize the death of this poor boy. It is tragic and I feel badly for his family. I certainly would never want to lose any of my family members like that. I can understand how his family can be upset, outraged, angry and just plain miserable.

    I don’t believe that the Israelis targeted this boy for death, though. I think the insinuation that they did, is intellectually dishonest. Military operations and anti-terrorist strikes cannot avoid such casualties entirely. Do you have a way of eliminating terrorists that will never result in the death of innocents, Nas? I am not speaking of just the Palestinian situation, but against terrorists anywhere in the world. Do you have the solution?

    Terrorists, unlike these Israelis, target the innocent for death as a matter of course. From a larger societal perspective, I cannot understand the callous disregard for the lives of Israeli children (and the children of ‘infidels’ anywhere) that Arabs seem to possess when they can be so upset over the death of one of their own.

  • Dan…neck shots. Neck shots on kids. Intent to kill. Go visit the hospital in Amman that is caring for kids who were ‘accidently’ shot in the neck by Israeli sharp shooters. This is reality, to deny reality is just plain denial. You didn’t get to see the daily photos of kids killed out of a crowd by Israeli soldiers on top of buildings. But you would probably say the photos were doctored or something.

    Even the Israelis are getting sick of their own carnage, and some are refusing to serve as assasins against Palestinians.

    I am an American Christian, (who has lived in the Middle East for awhile) I’m assuming you are too. I will tell you what I tell other of my brothers and sisters: your words reflect a hardness of heart that hasn’t oftened prayed for the Palestinian people. When you learn to pray for them, and love them as Christ does, your words will change and you will care as much for Palestinian children as Israeli. You can hate evil, but hating a whole people is so not Jesus’ way. I wonder what He would say.

  • I won’t respond to your comments except to say I disagree with them obviously.
    For the record I am an agnostic not a Christian.

  • Dan had made a point.

    Israel didn;t kill an 8 year old Islamic Jihad member. It killed two Islamic Jihad warriors, and a two or three children also.

    Personally, I believe we should call things what they are. Israel took out two warriors, and children got in the way. You can say it was disproportionate, but these guys would of killed Israelis, so…..

    On the other hand, when an Israeli soldier shoots a 13 yr old girl 15 times, and gets away with it; or as kinzi said, snipers put head shot after head shot into Palestinian children, then you have a case for murder.

  • “In Allah do we put out trust. Our Lord! make us not a trial for those who practise oppression” 010.085 Holy Qur’an

    The injustices of israel puts shame on all western so called enlightened/developed covernments. They cannot see the evil acts committed by their ally.

    Yes, Hamas has alot to answer for, “There is no justification in the killing of innocent souls” 17:33 Holy Quran

    Although this is not a justification, one must at least understand where they are coming from. Their land was stolen from them, no one disagrees with that. Beacause a British mandate, or an acceptance by the wider international community still does not legitimise their existance. It was taken away fromt them, and lets face it , the palestinians didn’t just hand over thier land to the Ziionists.

    Just to also point out, people use the 67 war victory to justify further anaxation of Palestinian land, people use this as a scapegoat for thier evils to cover the truth, they use this to further blind the already blind sceptics in propagrating thier legitimacy and future plans and establishments. But the truth shall never be smeared, however many wars they may win.

    Umar bin Al Khattab liberated the palestinians fromt he opressive Romans during ther 7th century.

    Salahudeen Ayyubi liberated the Palestinians from the Crusader forces.

    Again, By the Mercy and His will, The Almighty and All-Powerful will send us the next liberator for the Palestinians. Ameen.

    “And another (favour will He bestow,) which ye do love,- help from Allah and a speedy victory. So give the Glad Tidings to the Believers” 61:13 Holy Qur’an

  • It’s a shame that children or young people are involved in terrorist activities!!!! When will Palestinian people and Israel will stop with these tragedy?! WHEN? …I think at the end of the world 🙁

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