Jordanian World Records? Think Outside the (Popcorn) Box!

Jordanian children display what organisers said was the biggest card in the world at king Hussein park in Amman March 6, 2006. The 1,000-square metre card made by 6,000 school children will be presented to Jordan’s King Abdullah for his 45th birthday and organisers said they wished the card would make it into the Guinness book of World records.

Remember the attempt to fill the largest box of popcorn?Or the attempt to break the record for longest running pool game? We do have the tallest flag pole however (I think)

If the country wants to break a world record for something I think organizers should come up with something other than flag poles, pool games, popcorn and birthday cards. Let’s think outside the box (of popcorn).

Maybe we can form a human chain. Hands across America didn’t set the bar too high.

I know, how about the greatest number of intellectuals? How about a record for the designing of the most effecient fuel system in the world? How about a record for the lowest number of citizens who don’t smoke? How about a record for the most environmentally friendly population?

Post your suggestions!


  • Nasim, thanks for the post. You ask some important questions. I would like to add some of my own if you do not mind: How about we think of something for once that does not endorse a blind sense of nationalism incapable of addressing the concerns of the people of Jordan? A flag that costs millions of dollars and a card to the King can not solve national economic, political, and moral crises. And who cares if we make it into a book of records? What does breaking or making an inane record say about us as a people or a nation? Consistent efforts and creativity are certainly needed Ò?? they must, however, be able to transcend (the box of) superficial national insignias.

  • Laith, aha! lets build the world’s largest fireplace! good idea πŸ˜€

    Dana, oooh yeah, i agree with that. although i dont mind the nationalism when its not blind, as long as its orchestrated for the benefit of actual nationalism. in other words, imagine there was the largest campaign to clean jordan’s environment and you had a million people in the streets. now that’s nationalism! and it solves a pressing issue! let the participants wrap themselves in flags if it makes them feel better as long as it gets a job done. as for the world record book, id like to see us in there for something good. why? i dont know. its a guy thing πŸ˜€

  • interesting i must say… and i really like what laith said.. i guess us jordanians have too much time on our hands!
    as for records, i also heard that Irbid made it into the Guiness book of world records for having the most internet cafes in the world in such a small area (shari3 al jam3ah).. and the jordanians were sooo proud! Mashallah, something to be proud of- internet cafes where kids can waste even more time chit-chatting with friends, entering bad sites and smoking away their lives as they do all that! Yup, be proud.
    The problem with us (arabs & jordanians (although not all, i dont mean to generalize)) is that we want to be “modern” on the outside and not the inside.. we want to have nice hotels, beach resorts, clubs and restaurants.. but real modernization is having a strong educational system, a strong social system, a good health system..along with all the other aesthetics mentioned earlier…and we have yet to realize that and implement it in our countries.

  • I pray to God that it won’t make it to Guinness,
    what a great impression it will make, the “GREATEST GREETING CARD TO THE ULTIMATE LEADER!”

    For the circumstances, I guess there is nothing wrose than that! we are summarizing Jordan and making it look so small, If we are that patriots, let us not ruin that, let us treat our country with more respect, let us drive safely, let us stop polluting Jordan, let us stop wars in our universities and schools, do those 6,000 child respect their teachers? I doubt it…

    Befor we think of Guinness, let us think of Jordan…

  • WTF are you people high or smt’n just be proud for you goddamn contry insted of being so pesemistick – im shore i spiled it wrong πŸ˜‰ – going on and on about having too much time on our hands so i think you did a great deal of good with your time when you rambeled on and on about not being a big deal when your country gets minsioned in the great old book of recordes so gust be proud and snap out of your pathetic life rotine for a change

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