Did You Know That Pakistan is Not an Arab Nation?

This Miseducation of George W. Bush

In a farewell speech in New Delhi, Bush ran into trouble when he praised Pakistan as “a force for freedom and moderation in the Arab world.” The White House hastened to correct Bush’s reference to Pakistan as an Arab nation, and said he meant to say Muslim. [source]

No problem…

So how much did Bush learn about the world since first running for office?

But then came the crunch question: “Can you name the general who is in charge of Pakistan?”

Mr Bush needed a breather. “Wait, wait, is this 50 questions?” Hiller:

“No, it’s four questions of four leaders in four hot spots, ” the reporter tried to put his victim at ease.

“The new Pakistani general, he’s just been elected – not elected, this guy took over office. It appears this guy is going to bring stability to the country and I think that’s good news for the sub-continent,” the Republican candidate offered.

Good news, but not an answer, and the interviewer insisted: “Can you name him?”

“General. I can’t name the general. General” was all Mr Bush had to offer.

The reporter tried the another country in the same region, but the Indian prime minister’s name did not come to George Bush either.

“The new prime minister of India is – no.” [BBC]


  • Pakistan people speak URDU Also spoken in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana, Fiji, Germany, Guyana, India, Malawi, Mauritius, Nepal, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, UAE, United Kingdom, Zambia. Iran is not an Arab country either (they speak Farsi) the Arabian characters are not used but it is mostly a Muslim country. are not Arab Nations either. What is wrong with Americans is that they never got educated.
    Musharraf’s is only hanging on to power by a thin threat and Bush visit to Pakistan will intensify Musharraf’s crisis . If Bush wanted to so anything good in the world it would give huge amounts of money to the people in Pakistan that are still dying from the earth quake another reason Musharrafâ??s is failingâ?¦.. Never forget India and Pakistan both are nuclear powered to bomb each other and whom every they likeâ?¦

    These bombs in the hands of the extremist, just like Bush extremist is playing with fire and the end of the world.

  • The pic just tops the whole issue off:D

    The big question is: Does he feel as stupid as he is?:p, that was harsh, but I had to spit that out!

  • Nas,
    Good one.
    But I personally think the guy is nut dumb, he’s not at all.
    He might be drugged or drunk, maybe both.

    Well I had a Brit arguing me that Turks are Arabs, and that I was totally ignorant not knowing that!
    I feel sorry for the Hindus, many still think that they are Arabs for wearing the turbans.

    Now seriously, what he’s talking about? Pakistan?The nation that harbored Bin Ladin?The government that helped the Taliban?
    Oh wait a minute…didn’t the US do the same as well?

    Now,lets wait for John Stewart to address this issue.

  • you didn’t have to write anything…the picture alone says it all,

    now, I’ve always blamed americans for being ignorant when it comes to politics, I guess, with that president, you can’t blame them anymore..

  • “Pakistanis speak URDU”

    Where did you get this from?????? Did you know about only TEN PERCENT of the Pakistanis speak Urdu as a first language.

    What happened to Sindhi,Balouchi,Punjabi and the rest??

    This is the kind of ignorence Indian Muslims are trying to import into Pakistan.

    “India and Pakistan speak the same language”

    “Indians and Pakistanis are “the same” ” and all that non-sense.

    To the person who said that please go learn about Pakistan and it’s history rather than making ignorent comments.

  • Actually most of Pakistan’s aristocracy is of Pathan, Mughal (Mongol/Turkish), Iranian, or Arab ancestry.

    The title Shaikh (which in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh signifies Arab ancestry) is much more common among the upper strata. The name Khan is common among Pathans, but is also common among Aristocrats in the Punjab, Sindh, and Balouchistan.

    The people of Pakistan, and SOME Indians (mainly near the borders of Pakistan and then less and less so throughout the rest of country) who are not specifically of foreign descent are descendants to some extent of Iranians who invade 2000 years before Islam as we know it existed.

    The remaining people are entirely “indigenous” (mainly Indians) and by “indigenous” I mean people who are not descended from foreigners who came within the past 4000 years.

    Arabs, Iranian, and Pakistanis are ignorant to the fact that 100,000,000’s of Arabs and 100,000,000’s of Iranians live outside of their countries.

    These nations built huge empires, empires are tied to colonialism, and based on the extremely rigid and traditional practices of Islam it is clear that they could not have been maintained without a large Arab presence (look at Christianity today, the West is losing a stranglehold over it and as a result you find many native practices and even native depictions of Jesus and scriptures emerging throughout the world).

    However with Islam all variances can be traced back to the Arabian peninsula (although that is to say that non Arab cultures that were in close proximity such as the Egyptians, Iranians, and grudgingly the Greeks, did not influence these variances).

    Ultimately in a broad sense nearly all Muslims are somehow genetically or culturally apart of the Arab World. Even in the most narrow sense much of the aristocratic portions of the Islamic World are Arabs (the Mullahs in Iran are predominately Sayyids, a Sayyid is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, how can a person be descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, or his tribe without being an Arab?)

    Furthermore how else do we explain the relatively small Arab population version India, China, Africa, and the White World?

    Today 600 million Black “Africans” live in this world, over 1 billion White people, and 1.4 billion “Indians” if you include Pakistanis/Bengalis as “Indians,” and 1.4 billion Chinese plus 200 million more Japanese and Koreans and 200 million South East Asians (Khmer, Hmong, Thai, Vietnamese etc.), and an additional 400 million Malay related people.

    Yet only 300 million “Arabs” and 70 million Iranians live in this world despite having civilizations far more grand and far older than anything that existed in China, India, Africa, or Asia?

  • Most Pakistanis are genetically South Asian and closer to Indians than any other groups of people. Only the Pashtuns and the non indo-aryan speaking minority are dissimilar. Most Indians/Paks are the same genetically and have been for tens of thousands of years. There has been a very little genetic impact by foreigners in India/Pak as the native populations were always so large. Language does not necessarily spread by blood, as many africans speak non-native african tongues, native americans speak non-native tongues, British speak a non-british tongue, etc. You give the Arabs too much credit, I see many Pakistanis attempting to associate with Iranians or Arabs rather than Indians online, yet in person when I see them all side by side, they would never argue it as they look the same, basically.

    The Arabs have made very little if any advances at all since the seventh century and Islam. All of their “advancements” were made be pre-islamic mesopatamians, egyptians, the levant people, not bedouins. They also copied many advancements from the Greeks, Iranians and Indians. You would have to be delusional to give that much credit to the Arabs.

    Also in Indonesia the largest islamic country, there was never any formal conquest by the Arabs in Eastern Asia, the indonesians and the malaysians converted based on trade and their aristocracies embracing Islam over Dharmic faiths, many if their names are islamic yet they have not or very tiny Arab blood.

    As for Arab contributions to the world, the pre-islamic and pre-arabic speaking mesopatamians, egyptians, levant people did not call themselves Arabs at all, it was not until the beduoins forced them to adopt their language and culture. China and India have made great contributions to the world, in fact for most of recorded history those two regions have had the largest economies in the world and were bountiful. Arabs did not invent 0 Indians did, Arabs did not invent paper the Chinese did, a better comparison would be to the post-islamic contribution of “Arabs” as non-beduoins now call themseleves to that of other civilizations, there you will see how little they have done.

    Egypt is part of Africa and the ancient egyptians did not claim to be Arabs, China and India had their own river valley civilizations as well. Even the mesoamericans did at one point. The better question is who is most likely to succeed in the future?

    I would argue that it is the China. China does not have a problem dealing with radical muslims like the West does, if it comes down to it they will genocide the whole group of people. It is not communism either, it is the strong daoist/confucianist principles of the Chinese. Even during the qing dynasty and the pre-communist republic when China expanded into Central Asia and Tibet they were ruthless and still are today, they had no problems in dealing with the natives and the natives of those areas are still kept under tight leash today. If muslims fear anything in the world it should be the wrath of the Han Chinese.

  • India is a Dravidian nation predominantly while Pakistan is Indo-Iranic.

    Indians are ethnic Dravidians of Australioid stock. The person who said Pakistanis are similar to Indains sounds as ignorent as Goerge Bush that they are similar to Arabs.

  • Another thing to add China has an old friendship with Pakistan. Pakistan has nothing to fear from China.

    Pretty much further ignorence, except for the part that Arabs and Iranians have done little compared to Pakistan.

    But whatever it means nothing much….

  • Amir you are very, very ignorant 😉
    The old concept of race has been refuted, there is no such thing as ” dravidian” or ” aryan”
    These are all linguistic concepts, these all connect to language, and NOT race.
    India is not the same everywhere, India is the ethnically the most DIVERSE country.
    India USED to be a set of STATES, before being UNITED as one country.
    However, you are right.
    Indians and Pakistanis are different, though there are LOTS of pathans and punjabis in India.
    Kashmir is divided into ownership of India and Pakistan, and the people are basically all similar there.
    The only time where India and Pakistan are placed genetically different, is where all those migrants from Afghanistan, and etc. flee to Pakistan for a better life, etc. also it being a powerful muslim country.

    Pakistan has not accomplished anything to amount to what of India has done
    Pakistan are just a flock of muslims who are wanna-be arabs, when arabs even despise them, however that is another story.
    Iran has no connection with Pakistan other than LANGUAGE similarities, and also the pathans.
    India’s languages are of Indo-Aryan, not ” dravidian “, the only places where ” dravidian ” would come in play is when you go to SOUTH of India, with all those indians who have descended from austroloids etc. They aren’t anything like the Indians of the North, North east, North west, etc.

  • Pakistanis are not indians same.Pakistan comprises of indo iranian stock like punjabis,balouchis,pushtuns, and others…the only similiar ethnic tie pakistan has with india is 2% punjabis living in india,,,even they want independence and consider other indians inferior….And now the modern pakistani society is a mixed ethnic soctiety…most people have pushtun mother punjabi father,punjabi mother or pushtun women and even if we see differences between indians-pakistanis the first impression that comes in brain is fair skinned and tall indo iranian or aryans….and opposite comes in mind when we think of indians…I have been in both india and pakistan and found pakistanis more beautiful then indians…..be it skin color or culture.Pakistan has its own unique taste and i want to correct the impression that indians have spread that pakis or indis are same or have same culture.No sir they are an entirely different people and culture.

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