November 9th 2005: The Wedding Party

On 9 November 2005, pharmacy ailment two Iraqi suicide bombers entered a hotel in Amman and attacked the wedding of a young Jordanian couple, killing 27 guests.

Listen to the story of Nadia al-Alami and Ashraf al-Akhra in their own words about how their lives have changed in the past 4 months.

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  • i dont know what more could be said about that dreadful, dark and miserable day, which not only changed the lives of the people that lost loved ones, but changed the lives of all of us as Jordanians. we have moved on, but we have not forgotten and we will never forgive. may all the victims rest in peace, and may all the wounded who have not yet recovered, have a fast and quick recovery.

    my only wish is that Jordanians carry in their heart the love for the country which we saw in the protests and vigils after the attacks, and display it everyday by building a bigger, better and safer Jordan. it shouldnt take something as awful as this to trigger our patriotism, humanity and compassion for one another.

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