Umma: A Poem

Umma…ummi…my mother, ailment
can you conceive your burden?
A radiant belly swelling upward
toward the sky, heavy
with communion between yourself
and your Adored One
is but evidence
of what you must bear.
With each waning of the moon,
your mind consumes a little more
of the heart that sustains you;
awareness eating itself
into oblivion.
What have you borne this day?
You cradle a child with no soul
biting its own hand
as it bleeds between teeth
cut on your empty breast.
Who will be left
to mourn you when at last
your offspring turns
its sightless, greedy eyes
toward your hollow flesh
and with yawning jaws
strips you of all that is sacred?

Umma…ummi…my mother,
your golden sons and daughters
and how they bled for you.
Cast away this divided child
or will you stand by
as it digs up the graves
of those who lived and died for you
and do nothing as it gnaws on their bones?
Gather yourself with arms
of love and understanding,
hold tight to the promise;
the light your Adored One
first beheld in you.
Call softly to your children
with the voice of compassion
in rememberance of your First Born
and they will crowd around your feet
with arms stretching toward the sky
waiting for you
to lift them up in familiar arms
and kiss away their tears
as you begin the journey home.

Sumeia is a Vietnamese born adoptee, convert to Islam since 1988, part-time blogger at and full time human rights advocate. Her current occupation is being mom to four rowdy kids and trying to make sense of this mad world we all inhabit.

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