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7 thoughts on “Jordan Stops an Al-Qaeda Attack!

  1. Another important success for our security forces. It is obvious that Al Qaeda are determined to hurt Jordanian people and we must be prepared and ruthless against all kinds of fundamentalism and terrorism. Although security forces do the most important role in intelligence but the main responsibility lies with the Jordanian public to stop the infiltration of terrorism to Jordan. God bless Jordan and thanks to all the “Nashama” at the security forces.

  2. Looks like equipment for a traditional attack, not a suicide missiom (no explosive belt). A “vital civilian instillation” probably means a hotel.

    I agree. Try them and execute them quickly. No need for them to indoctrinate other prisoners.

  3. The “sticks” in the second picture are dynamites which you use to blow things up. To make it a suicide bombing you need to set them up with a fuse. I can’t understand the reason for the guns and RPG rocket, you don’t walk with them for a suicide bombing.

    Is execution legal in Jordan? And what is the state security court?

  4. Searched for the info myself. Apparently execution is legal (at least in the 2003 sentence of Zarqawi) and the state security court is a special court tier though I couldn’t find what special rights it has that normal courts do not. The only difference I found was that it has both civil and military judges.

  5. Thank God they were stopped before doing anything with those weapons to hurt others.

    This goes back to what I said earlier in a comment on another post a few days ago. How do we know these people are associated with Al Qaeda? They appear to be criminals who had bad intentions that’s almost clear now, but where are their Al Qaeda badges or ID’s? Do their cell phones have Osama programmed in the phone book? Do they have stamped envelopes with “2112 N. Al Qaeda Dr.” return addresses written on the back?

    If they are Al Qaeda members and can be proven to be Al Qaeda members, which I don’t think makes any difference in this case, then so be it, but if they can’t be proven to be Al Qaeda members, then lets not call them that.

    It’s not that I’m defending Al Qaeda here, far from it, but I’m defending the people’s right to receive good and reliable information that enables them to have a clear image of reality around.

    We seem to have closed the discussion on whether Al Qaeda is a criminal organization or not, and the answer seems to be “yes they are”. From that point onward, if we let governments get away so easily with labeling individuals as Al Qaeda members and therefore convict them with Al Qaeda’s crimes without having to show full proof of it, then we will be setting the stage for violations of our own rights in the future.

    In this particular case, there’s enough proof that these people are criminals. So if I were the person issuing statements from the government today, I wouldn’t have said they were Al Qaeda members without saying something about a link being established between them and known members of Al Qaeda. And even if I had that kind of information, I wouldn’t release it, because it would be too good of an alert signal to whoever these people are linked to and are still on the loose. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even make public the fact that I detained these individuals and publish their full names and pictures like that. If these people really have friends who helped them into the country or friends from outside that we had some chance of getting at, now that chance is blown.

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