Hamas Cancels Visit to Jordan: Tensions Rise?

Hamas has decided to call off a planned visit to Jordan, Palestinian sources told the London-based Al-Hayat daily. Meshaâ??al hamasThe reason for the move, which was cited on the Monday edition of the newspaper, was that Jordan opposed that the political-bureau chief Khalid Meshaâ??al heading the delegation, because he holds Jordanian citizenship. Instead, Jordan preferred the delegation will be led by Meshaâ??alâ??s deputy, Mousa Abu Marzouq, who carries Palestinian documentation.

The paper reported that Hamas member, Muhammed Nazal had visted Jordan to discuss the planned visit and heard from Jordanian officials that Amman wants Abu Marzouq to head the delegation. Hamas sources said the change in the Jordanian stance towards the visit came following Jordanâ??s King Abdullah II returned from a visit to Washington. [source]

I can’t vouch for the sources here, bethey Jordanian or Palestinian, but I suppose the consipracy theory to be drawn here is that Bush told the King not to meet with Hamas. This is obviously absurd considering the circumstances.

Suffice to say if the reason is true, that Mesha’al whose been banned for some time now, has been rejected because he carried a Jordanian citizenship, then this is also quite absurd. Since when does the passport define the origins of the person, nonetheless a man who is a known Palestinian, a leader of Hamas for heaven’s sake. How Palestinian do they want him to be? Your supposed to talk to the most qualified person, typically the appointed or elected leader. Not talk to the guy who carries Palestinian documents.

I’m not suggesting anything here, but maybe Mesha’al should turn in his passport to the Jordanian authorities.

Truth be told…this whole story sounds fishy to me. Still waters run much deeper than this.


  • Sadly for all parties concerned, the triumph of Islamists and terrorists proves what has long been feared and that is that the Islamists will never accept Israel on the land they bizarrely think “Allah” has given them.

    The implications of this are not very nice as it appears that Muslims and Jews cannot BOTH occupy this land. Either the Jews will get pushed into the sea or the Muslims will get pushed across the Jordan.

    I know who my money is on. 😉

  • Nas, regarding this visit, I think Hamas should have simply agreed to the Jordanian government’s terms and did everything that it could to secure a handshake from the Jordanian government coz they desperately need it.

    About Hamas leaders who carry Jordanian passports:

    – I kind of agree with what you suggested, maybe they should just turn in their Jordanian passports and make the final shift to official Palestinian status. I think it would be fair that way.

    – Did this awkward situation apply to any PA official in the past when Fatah was in control? Are any of Fatah’s leaders Jordnian citizens? That would be an interesting question to answer.

  • Neoleftychick, palestinians, arabs, muslims, and even hamas, are not under the impression that God has promised them this land.

    Hamzeh, I feel you’re right about that, they could be passing up an oppertunity. As for passports, I don’t know. The Jordanian passport allows them to travel and Jordan becomes their fallback country in a worst case scenario, so I’m guessing they’d be reluctant to give it up. Your final question is definitely worth considering.

  • yeah i quite agree with cecil’s point.

    knowing the intense pressure the international community(led by the US) is putting up against HAMAS,it’s just normal things like this happens

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