A Weepy Kind of Radio

So what’s been blaring out of my headphones this week you ask? (lets pretend you asked)

I just started listening to The Weepies and so far they have some really stellar songs. It’s basically songwriters Steve Tannen and Deb Talan creating some great tunes in the folk-pop genre. I heard them first on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which I watch because there’s nothing else on at 10pm on a Sunday). The song was “World Spins Madly On”, which is a personal favorite. I’ve also put up a few other good tunes like “All That I Want”, “Jolene”, “Simple Life” and another personal favorite: “Somebody Loved”.

Also on my playlist this week is “Try” for Nelly Furtado which I hadn’t heard since the summer of 2002 (yes I remember when I last hear a song) and “Closer to You” by The Wallflowers.

You should also give a listen to an oldie favorite of mine, “The Distance” by Evan and Jaron. I actually don’t know if I’ve put this one up on the radio before because I’m too lazy to check and make sure. Either way there are two versions of the song. A remix that was on the soundtrack for the movie Serendipity. I prefer the mellow original but you make up your own mind.

Check them all out on the Black Iris Radio


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