A Video on Speaking Arabizi in Jordan

(the following video is in arabic….kinda)

jaguar? ya 3eini shoo cool

Arabizi n.

1- A form of speech that mixes Arabic with English. It is widely used among Jordanâ??s Western-educated elites, decease ask drawing ire from language purists and exposing a widening social and economic gap in the small kingdom. Dubbed by some â??Arabiziâ?â??a slang term for Arabic and â??Inglizi, buy cialis treat â? or English in Arabicâ??it is also a means of expression for many young Jordanians who have been educated abroad and who do not share Jordanâ??s conservative values.


  • LOL. That was really funny Nas. But after I laughing it off, I thought it was kind of sad…because unfortunately this is the reality of how far people will go to make an image for themselves (esp in the Arab world these days).

  • Akh… Im going to try and not complain about the scene itself, since i am going to pull my hair in a bit. This could have been an excellent and dynamic scene ( due to the concept) yet the writing and directing of it was weak. But i have to give the ending a nod, since it payed off the scene

  • Rats…Arabizi is a great language for a foreigner and now I’ll be pegged as ‘un-conservative”. It was great to get away with covering lack of Arabic vocab by saying it in English with a Jordanian accent – everyone got it!

    Hey Nas…did you write an article fo February JO, or is it someone with your name?

  • Great video; arabizi, haha! We’ve always called it “Arablish”, but same thing.

    I thought only Egyptians had the “show-off” mentality, is it all Arabs?

    Reminds me of a story I heard a while back:

    A group of friends would close all the windows while riding in a car in the middle of the summer in Cairo, so people outside would think they have air conditioning. So they’d be sweating and extremely hot inside, but they did it for the sake of showing off.

  • Well, Nas, mabruuk! I didn’t know that! I’ll have to buy it every month now…and I should have an article in the April issue

  • The sketch is not about Arablizi for sure!
    The only person who spoke some Eng. words was the guy, the two “balady” girls didn’t talk inklish!
    It’s about some of the social disorders that we suffer from!

    Now the concept of sitting in a coffee shop for 2 hours smooking a hookah and eating a cheesecake drives me nuts!It’s not cool at all!maybe for 20min…but 1 hours…c’mon!

    Just for the records, these two girls do not represent Abdoun chicks or whatsover!I mean c’mon we got better than that!

    Where did u get this Tarawneh?

    That was mujama’ Jaber in the background

  • WOW! that was hilarious! i loved the part when the guy was like “sarfees, uh, gazdy, 2zdy, (p)barking” lool. very true, but very sad.. the same happens with people who have cell phones.. ull see a guy in the middle of the market selling belts and socks 3ala al bas6a (on the ground) but has a nokia cell phone that costs more than 200 JDs.. hopefully, people will come to realize that the ppl their impressing shouldnt matter..good posts though!

  • the people in the video are really psychological sick
    they think by saying some words in English they will appear like cultured and modern people

    but they really appear stupid and shallow !!

    hahahahahaha that was really funny thanks dude!!

  • very funny but weird! :S

    does anyone know the artist or song name that is playing in the background (the second song)….


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