Nibs of Steel: a Poem

Nibs of Steel
By Pamela K. Taylor

Nusaiba wields her blade
Defending the Prophet
Left and right
Thrusts her shield
In front of him
Exposing her own flesh
Wards off enemy arrows
Matching volleys
Arrow for arrow
With darts of her own
On the Left â?? Khalid ibn Waleed
On the Right â?? Ibn Qamia

Abu Dujanna claims the Prophet’s sword
And struts across the field
Declaring his intention
To fight until the sword is bent
None who oppose him
Remain standing
In the end
When all seems lost
He arches his back
To make a shield
Letting it be pierced
By arrows that seek the Prophet’s heart

I wield my pen
Defending the Prophet
From Left and Right
I thrust my words
In front of him
Exposing my own logic
I ward off enemy insults
Matching arguments
Point for point
With explanations of my own
From the left â?? Polygynist, Pedophile
From the Right â?? Warmonger, Infidel

I claim the Prophet’s verses
And write across the page
Declaring my intention
To argue until reason wears thin
And none who oppose me
Remain lucid
In the end
When all seems lost
I bare my breast
To make a shield
Let it be pierced
By insults that seek the Prophet’s reputation

Pamela Taylor is co-chair of the Progressive Muslim Union of North America and acting director of the Islamic Writers Alliance.

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