An Upside Down Radio

Some good music playing this week between my ears and it couldn’t have come at a better time when I most need it.

Jack Johnson’s new album came out. It’s actually quite brilliant and I was suprised because it is essentially a kids album that adults can get on board with. It was done for the animated film Curious George, a childhood staple in most north american homes. I’ve only been able to hear a few of the songs mainly on iTunes, but the lead single “Upside Down” is on the radio.

Another interesting song comes from Faultline fronted by Electronic DJ David Kosten who mixes instrumental synth pop and beats with guest vocals that include REM’s Michael Stipe and Joseph Arthur. Two songs I liked had vocals done by Chris Martin of Coldplay and entitled “Where is my Boy?” and “Your Love Means Everything Part.2”.

A few other songs on my playlist are Shelby Lynne’s “Wall in Your Heart”, Joseph Arthur’s “Honey and the Moon”, Avril Lavigne’s “Fall to Pieces”, Eman’s “I Shut Down” and finally Duncan Sheik’s “For You”

Check them all out on the Black Iris Radio.

It was a strange reaction
for someone like you to remain so sure
And in a chain reaction
I dissolve and break and then away I crawl
then away I crawl…

“Your Love Means Everything Part.2” – Faultline


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