Mosalsal 2ordoni

A Jordanian Soap Opera is the cornerstone of our national culture. Typical phrases like “al ma9na3 en7arag?!” (the factory’s burned down?) against the backdrop of sad classical arabic music, could only be understood, nay, fully appreciated for their comic relief by a Jordanian. I got the following little skit through an email so I’m guessing it’s already out there and I’m coming late to the party. Nevertheless! It’s out of this world funny. I’m not sure what these guys were on when they made it, but I want me some of that.

You will need RealPlayer to hear it. You can download the file here.


  • Yes, a bit too late … though I’ve always had the impression you’re always hosting :p

    I’ve heard it a while back … some what funny but makes you think … east … west …Abdoun… Mr. Shibs (aka Mr. Chips) … identity … fitting in … it carries a very powerful message … Class division makes many feel alienated and perhaps very much less appreciated …

    Sorry to spoil the party! 😮 :p

  • I heard a lot of funny ones when I was in Amman, all my friend’s had them on their phones. I don’t know where one would find them on the internet. This was one of the first ones.

  • عÙ?اد باع اÙ?أرظ Ù? اشترÙ? Ù?Ù?باÙ?Ù?… Ù?ا Ø­Ù?ف .. إخص عÙ?Ù? شاربÙ?

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    Ù?ع تحÙ?اتÙ?

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