Fact International: A New Jordanian Paper on Islam

During a week of offensive cartoons and over reacting (or under reacting depending how you look at it), this is a bit of good news coming out of Jordan. I havn’t seen it but the idea alone is attractive enough for me to encourage more moves like this.

â??Fact Internationalâ?? wants to dispel myths about Islam

New Jordan weekly, published in both Arabic and English in Jordan, aims to portray moderate image of Islam.

AMMAN – A new weekly newspaper has been launched in Jordan to campaign against “blatant distortions” of Islam by portraying a moderate image of the religion.

Fact International is being published by a media and research institute based in Amman with articles in both Arabic and English, according to chairman Zakaria al-Sheikh.

“Fact Internationalâ??s mission is to dispel the myths and misconceptions and the blatant distortions that are used to discredit the Arab and Muslim world,” he said in a statement.

Sheikh said there was a need for such media in the face of “forces of unrelenting propaganda” in a world of “double-speak, double-standards, and ultimately double-crossing”.

The new paper is being launched amid a worldwide Muslim outcry over cartoons of the prophet Mohammed published in European newspapers.

Jordan is trying to promote a more moderate approach to Islam and has hosted two conferences drawing religious scholars from Muslim countries as well as academics in Islamic studies from around the world. [source]


  • Hopefully it wont be distributed only in Jordan:p

    A positive move, I wont say promising cause I believe there are other more effective media channels like a website or an english speaking T.V channel…

  • Nas, I agree with you that this sounds like a great idea.
    And btw, great job with the re-design, I really like this one 🙂

    Ohoud, Al Jazeera International, which is an English version of Al Jazeera will start broadcasting this spring, hopefully bringing a better understanding for the Arab world.
    And hopefully more Arab channels in English will be launched.

  • Iman, seeing how things are going these days I think there’s a few demented people we should work on first in our own backyard. if anything but to avoid another November 9th.

    Ohoud, not everyone has a tv or an internet connection, but newspapers increase exposure for the people. I agree with you though but it depends on how and if they wish to internationalize it.

    MMM, thanks buddy.

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