How This Nostalgic Post Might Put Me in Jail

Disclaimer: To the powers that be currently monitoring my site, decease please be aware I am not a terrorist, viagra merely a homesick Jordanian having some fun with google maps and the places I miss.

Anyone care to guess where these places are in Amman? (the fourth one is the hardest but someone is bound to crack it)








  • Damn man I actually think I recognized the fourth picture, and funny that from that guess I figured the fifth one and it sort of makes me think I got it even more.

    If I’m correct, the fourth is in Abdoun, it’s the area to your right when you’re driving from the safaara lights towards the airport road and before you hit the intersection that takes you to the sixth circle if you go right. I recognized it from the house that’s on that street going into that area, and because that big piece of empty land is where I parked when I went to give my friend condolences on his grandfather’s passing away, that’s where his grandfather’s house is, it’s one of those buildings in the picture. That is if I’m correct.

    I won’t say what the rest are, but I don’t recognize the third picture.

  • What are you talking about? Do you mean the cops who are always sitting there doing nothing? :p coz I think everytime I pass there, there’s one cop car parked on that right side of the road and I never saw them move :p If there is any special place in that picture, I’m not sure I know it!!

  • 1s is Abdali, parliment, mosque and palace of justice.

    2nd is Sports city

    3rd if Mecca mall

    4th already found

    5th American Embassy/colony/city within a city etc….

    6th 3rd circle with the Royal as that big thing that looks like a soba

  • i think the fifth one is nadi il sayyarat. they roads dont match for it to be the american embassy. what do you guys think?

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