The Breakfast Club Radio

The Breakfast Club. Does anyone remember that movie?

A few tracks up on the Black Iris Radio this week. The Postal Service song “Such Great Heights” is back to haunt me from almost 2 years ago. Its actually been in the news lately as the band has accussed Apple of plagerising their video for the song, nearly shot for shot. I have to admit they are very similar. You can watch a comparision here.

They do write catchy songs so there’s also “Be Still My Heart” and a mellow acoustic cover of “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine. Also check out Jimmy Eat World’s “For Me This is Heaven” and “Disintegration”. A new song I heard this week is “For Blue Skies” by Strays Don’t Sleep, it’s pretty mellow but I think the bridge of the song is really nice. “Anna’s Song” by Silverchair is a blast from the past; well at least my past. “When I’m Gone” by Eminem is just a song I’ve been diggin this week for some reason. I don’t like all his songs, a lot are just redundant, but some tracks I have to admit are simply amazing.

They’re all up on the Black Iris Radio, so check’em out while they last this week.


  • i remember the breakfast club. there was a rerun on a local south african tv station a few months back. classic viewing, especially the performance by a young floppy-haired Estevez.

  • SC, ouch, sorry about that

    see i went on a ‘what ever happened to emilio estevez’ rant for a whole paragraph before i figured no one’d know or care what the hell i was talking about. the last time i saw him he was in season 5 of the west wing playing his father Martin Sheen as a young president bartlett in home movies, and it was a 5 second glimpse at best.

    they should make The Brunch Club 😀

  • saaleha, yes! yes! good music. who can forget john cusak holding up the boom box with peter gabriel blasting out; the epitome of coolness 😀

    strange though. my only memories of the 80’s either involve muppets or are socially fabricated from late night tv reruns throughout the 90’s

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