Mahmoud Given Four More Days to Live

A Jordanian kidnapped by Iraqi militants demanding the release of a failed woman suicide bomber appealed for his life in a video aired on Sunday, treatment saying he was wearing an explosive belt that could be set by his captors.

“I am in great danger and this place is booby-trapped and I am wearing an explosive belt, cialis ” abducted embassy driver Mahmoud Saedat said in the video from the Falcons Brigade, that was broadcast on Al Arabiya television. He said the deadline set by his captors had been extended by four days.


  • Nas, thanks for keeping Mahmoud’s situation up front. It has reminded me to pray for him as much as I pray for Jill

  • Allah al musta3an …

    Today, they also discovered the bodies of the remaining Iraqi police volunteers that were abducted last week. They were all executed, all 35 of them! They had found the first 12 last week, and now they found the remaining ones. So many innocent people killed, and so many of them killed by these rogue groups that setup their own criminal courts, invent their own laws, and hand down their own executions.

  • Today a number of Iraqi female prisoners were freed as a response to the Jill’s kidnappers’ demand, I couldn’t help but remember him, tomorrow is the last day and we’re yet to hear from our government.

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