Jordanian Government Continues to Harass Islamists

In another effort to clamp down on the IAF (Islamic Action Front), which is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, the Jordanian government by way of the State Security Court, has charged Deputy Secretary-General of the IAF, Jamil Abu Bakr with, now get this, “insulting the dignity of the state.”

How did Jamil Abu Bakr insult the dignity of the state? Good question.

Last month, IAF parliament members Azzam Huneidi and Ali Abu Sukkar criticized former Prime Minister Faisal al-Fayez’s government in its public employment policies, accusing his government of appointing public employees based on nepotism (wasta). Bakr supported what they said and of course they get immunity while the parliament is in session.

In other words, the Jamil Abu Bakr is being charged because two of his parliament members stated the obvious.

To make things more absurd the charges are based on “insulting the dignity of the state”, which is a traitorous charge.

What dignity remains when it gets to the point where you are called a traitor of your country for trying to fix it?

What message does this send to the Jordanian people, the world and crooked politicians in Jordan when you charge someone for speaking out against nepotism? Doesn’t this say all those that take part in nepotism will be protected by the “law” and that all those that get in the way will be charged?

When I read about those little government committees that say they are ordered by the King to root out the evils of nepotism in our society, I say well that’s great. But then you have something like this that is such a damn contradiction.

The people in Jordan cannot criticize the government, so they look to perhaps the press to do it for them.

But the press cannot criticize the government. So everyone looks to their elected officials.

But even parliament cannot criticize the government.

Or should I say, Islamic parliament members cannot criticize the government.

Even on nepotism; something every government claims to be fighting.

You know, when I become Prime Minister of Jordan I’m going to change the whole system.

Now I just need a relative or someone to help me get that position…


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