20 thoughts on “Andalusia Prize for Literature 2005

  1. Hey Naseem, congratulations πŸ™‚
    You really deserve it.
    I didn’t know you had a poetic side to you too. I’ll be checking out your Paper Poetry blog too from now on.
    And btw, I loved the poem.

  2. WOW!! Well done, Nas! I’m impressed and want to say “Alf Mabruuk!” What a good blend of facts and feelings you manage in poetry ahd blogging.

  3. great work! proud of you. did the parents say something like ‘how much did you get for the poem?’ or did they go with the standard ‘is this for one of your courses’? pep from me,’ the poet laureate cant be that far away’ (or an episode of the family guy…whichever comes first”

  4. Nas ya Nas! you’re one of a kind! you can’t stop surprising us, do you!
    would you mind me publishing your poem on my blog, of course your name will be proudly displayed πŸ™‚

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