Plug’n Pray: Start Your Own Holy War!!

By way of Electric Spaghetti, I bring you the easiest way to convert from one religion to another!

Featuring all your favorite classics like Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Personally my favorite part of the site is this…

Are you on the border where religious communities mix and discrimination rages? Switch religion with the Plug’n’Pray Switch Edition and choose the most convenient one for your present situation. Now also available with the new SMS-MMS upgrade…

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  • If one disregard the inconsiderate blasphemy and utter disrespect to other’s beliefs; then by all means, the site oozes with novelty and sports an interesting and well designed “packages” that deserves endorsement!

    Though one can sympathize with the mostly “innocent” amusement that may arouse from such material, like the case when looking at it from a pure artistic or graphics-centric perspective, yet one cannot ignore two intrinsic facts:

    – regardless of how mystical or logically flawed any given faith may be perceived, it’s essential to respect the fact that people chooses to “believe” in stuff. Scrutiny & erudite critical evaluation (or undermining) on the other hand does not fall under the disrespect category.

    – at the risk of being misunderstood for being rhetorically apologetic, yet Islam does stand apart from all other belief systems for it is a consistent, thoroughly comprehensive, practical & based on logically established and instinctual premises.

    On a final note Nas, I wouldn’t take part in publicizing such sites!

Your Two Piasters: