Building a Synagogue Beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque

I continue to wonder about Israel’s intentions. They know that digging under the mosque will destroy its foundations and lead to it caving in. What I really wonder about it whether they are playing dumb; not knowing what the reaction of Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians will be, which I find hard to believe based on past events which include a whole uprising simply because Sharon decided to take a stroll on the premises. Or maybe they do know exactly what will happen and are inviting it to happen. Perhaps it is a test of the waters bit by bit.

It’s strange though. Everday there are bad things happening in Palestine. A wall is jailing them in. Checkpoints. The IOF’s constant measures to make life as miserable as possible for Palestinians. Yet this whole conflict may finally reach it’s high point when this mosque is destroyed.

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, January 3, 2006 ( â?? The Supreme Islamic Association and Al-Aqsa Association for Construction of the Holy Shrines accused Israel on Tuesday, January 3, of building a Jewish synagogue beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque, warning that the continued Israeli excavations jeopardize the mosque’s structure.

“The synagogue has been built right beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque, some 90m from the Dome of the Rock,” Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement inside the Green Line, told a press conference in the holy city, reported Al-Jazeera.

He said the synagogue includes seven rooms tracing the Jewish history.

“One of these rooms features Germany’s Nazi rule and the World War II Holocaust.”

Salah said that works were in full swing to build another synagogue for women under the mosque.

The conference featured video footages and photos documenting the synagogue as well as the continued Israeli excavations.

…Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the Mufti of Al-Quds and Palestine, echoed a similar warning.

“The Israeli authorities have been exploiting the big gates of the western side of al-Aqsa since 1996 through conducting a series of excavation works which ended with clandestinely erecting a synagogue,” he told the same conference.

“Constructing such a synagogue proves that the Israelis did not find any sign for their alleged Haykal, that is why they made up some rooms to vaguely narrate their religious history,” Sabri added.

He urged the Arab and Islamic worlds to intervene to halt Israeli excavations under Al-Aqsa.

Salah, meanwhile, warned that Israeli excavations under the holy site were threatening the structure of the mosque.

“A truck driver was assigned to move equipments to the excavation sites and he was shocked to see a huge tunnel under the mosque that can allow a truck to pass through,” he said.

He said excavations under the mosque are continuing in full swing to establish the Haykal before 2007, dismissing them as a “black stain” on Israel.

Israeli authorities recently unveiled an underground site that they say strengthens Jewish ties to the compound.

Palestinian and Jordanian archeologists have warned that ongoing Israeli excavations have weakened the foundations of the mosque, cautioning it would not stand a powerful earthquake.

A part of the road leading to one of the mosqueâ??s main gates collapsed in February, 2004 due to the destructive Israeli digging work.

Salah warned that the Israeli aggressions against the Muslim holy site would have grave repercussions.

“You are inviting an uprising against you just to stop your attack on the mosque,” he said, addressing himself to the Israeli government. [source]


  • They are determine to destroy Masjid Al Aqsa one way or the other . Can you imagine if it was muslims digging underneath the Vatican what a ho ha we would be named terrorists etc but not them of course .

  • It is an act of war, if true. Besides, in their push to provoke the Arab world they are actually going against their own religion. Even their own scholars have said that it is actually Haram for Jews to step foot on the mount/temple area as they do not know where the “holy of holies” was, and hence cannot walk there for fear of violating the space.

  • Um bothers me that you involve us christains in what the jews are doing?couldn’t you say what if mslims were digging under a synagogue?what does the vatican have to do with this?

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