Ricky Gervais Podcast & Family Guy Funnies

Ricky Gervais is the funny man behind the hit show The Office, which was one of my favorites and has now moved across the pond for a US version with Steve Carell at the helm. Whether you’re familiar with his work or not he has launched a pretty funny podcast called the Ricky Gervais Show, by way of The Gaurdian.

Lately I’ve been in dire need of a good laugh. Winter blues I suppose. I don’t think anything makes me laugh more these days than Family Guy. I bought the Volume 3 DVD a few days ago. It’s actually the only show to ever be uncancelled mainly because when the first 2 seasons were released on DVD the sales were overwhelming. Growing up I was a big fan of the Simpsons and I still am to some extent although I find Family Guy a lot funnier. There’s more to work with creatively speaking and they don’t hold back any punches; everything and everyone is made fun of on that show.

Stewie in the past 2 or 3 years has become one of my all-time favorite TV characters and has achieved cult-status with college students all over North America. Not many genuis babies on TV I suppose whose early life aspirations include killing their mother and world domination.

Check out some clips here: [warning: the following is very funny material. avoid drinking milk at this point in time]

Stewie on Brian’s novel.

Stewie’s Ipod commercial

Stewie & Cell Phones

What happens when you reach for the milk in the back. [must be aware of 80’s pop-culture for this one]

Umm, unless you grew up with Kool Aid commercials, you won’t get this one

But everyone grew up with the Smurfs and the Cookie Monster!

Lastly, some good old fashioned family racism.

(you should pause them while they load and then press play)


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