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5 thoughts on “Recycling in Jordan

  1. Nas

    I believe the adaptation of recycling requires a cultural overhaul, and not a mere habit that can be touted upon citizens overnight! at best itâ??ll suffer a disgraceful failure in the size of the public pay-phones deployment attempts (Iâ??m aware corporate politics shut down both operators, but we did our bit in inflecting some damage as well)!

    Yet I think there is great potential in propagating a recycling culture in certain tenders of our society, chiefly among companies and the well-off residential areas of Amman.

    Without any green, brown, yellow or pink bins, most companies can implement a very simple waste management system that basically segregates waste into either paper-based and â??basically- “others”! Its simple, no frills and in a limited environment, it can be efficiently enforced upon employees.

    This equally applies to the well-off residential areas of Amman, who should have the peace-of-mind to be conscious about their environment and invest a little bet of their Pilipino maids’ time in segregating the wastefully produced waste.

  2. Basem, looool @ “invest a little bet of their Pilipino maidsâ?? time in segregating the wastefully produced waste.” very true 😀

    I agree with what you said as I have thought about it myself. Some recycling is better than none I suppose. And I guess this segment of society, the well-off, as well as the companies, are the ones who consume the most and produce the most amount of garbage. They are also the ones who buy many of their things packaged at safeway, where as the not-so-well-off tend to depend mostly on cheaper fresher foods such as fruits, vegetables, rice, bread etc.

    thanks for the comment

  3. Nas,

    A very nice piece on recycling, In Jordan they need to learn about collecting, transporting, and depositing the regular trash before they learn about recycling. Once they master the art of proper packaging and depositing in land fills, then they can be slowly introduced to the recycling programs.

    Jordan has a generic makeshift recycling program, people collect all of the empty aluminum cans that can located any where in the city of Amman.

  4. I work at Al-Balqa’ Applied University, which produce a huge amount of paper waist. And I was searching for a place where this waist can be recycled, this is how I got to this web site, searching for useful links and recycling companies. Basically: where to throw the used paper? If anyone can help me, please contact me at Buy Canadian Generic Viagra Online. Help will be highly appreciated

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