Saturday Night Live’s ‘Lazy Sunday’

This has to be one of the funniest skits ever done on Saturday Night Live. Actually it’s not a skit but rather a short pre-recorded video. ‘Lazy Sunday’ is a rap video basically with Chris Parnell and new-comer Andy Samberg, that tells of a recent lazy Sunday when they decided to go watch The “Chronic…(WHAT?)…Cles” of Narnia. It will remind you of Beastie Boys rap videos that feature the more down to Earth side of New York.

I laughed so hard when I saw this last Saturday when Jack Black hosted and I’ve discovered that I wasn’t the only one. It has in less than 10 days become an Internet sensation! iTunes is giving it away for free. It’s been blogged about all over. Its been downloaded over 1.2 million times from It has even inspired t-shirts!

You can watch it here.

While Parnell has been on SNL for a few years now and even has a reputation for rapping every now and then, but 27 year old Andy Samberg is a rookie on the show.

Samberg and two childhood friends, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, reunited after college in 2001 to make comedy shorts and music videos under the moniker The Lonely Island, posting the clips online at

Their Web site drew a hefty following, and “The Dudes,” as they’re known, were soon writing pilots for FOX and Comedy Central. Their big break came after writing material for 2005 MTV Movie Awards host Jimmy Fallon, who recommended them to “SNL” producers.

Samberg nailed his “SNL” audition, thanks to a frantic four-day writing session with Taccone and Schaffer. But the best news was yet to come: The show then hired Samberg’s two cohorts as writers. [article]


Lazy Sunday, wake up in the late afternoon.
Call Parnell just to see how heâ??s doinâ??.
What up, Parns?
Yo Samberg, whatâ??s crackinâ???
You thinking what Iâ??m thinkin?
Man, itâ??s happeninâ??.
But first my hunger pains are stickinâ?? like duct tape.
Letâ??s hit up Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes.
No doubt that bakeries got all da bomb frostins.
I love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling.
Two, no six, no twelve, BAKERS DOZEN.
I told you that Iâ??m crazy for these cupcakes, cousin.
Yo, whereâ??s the movie playinâ???
Upper west side, dude.
Well, letâ??s hit up Yahoo Maps to find the dopest route.
I prefer Map Quest.
Thatâ??s a good one, too.
Google Maps is the best.
True that.
68th and Broadway.
Step on it, sucka.
What you wanna do, Chris?
Itâ??s the Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
Yes, the Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
We love that Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
Pass that Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
Yo, stop at the deli.
The theaterâ??s over-priced.
Youâ??ve got the backpack?
Gonna pack it up nice.
Donâ??t want security to get suspicious.
Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals CRAZY DELICIOUS!
Iâ??ll reach in my pocket, pull out some dough.
Girl actinâ?? like she never seen a $10 before.
Itâ??s all about the Hamiltons, baby.
Throw the snacks in a bag and Iâ??m ghost like Swayze.
Roll up to the theater.
Ticket buying, what weâ??re handlinâ??.
You can call us Aaron Burr.
From the way weâ??re droppinâ?? Hamiltons.
Now parked in our seats.
Movie trivias the illest.
Which Friends alum starred in films with Bruce Willis?
We answered so fast that weâ??re scary.
Everyone stared in awe when we screamed Matthew Perry.
Now quiet in the theater or itâ??s gonna get tragic.
Weâ??re bout to get taken to a dream world of magic withâ?¦
the Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
Yes, the Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
We love that Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia
Pass that Chronic (what?)
Cles of Narnia


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