Fun With Dick & Jane

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni play Dick and Jane, two suburbanites who have it made with a nice home, car and jobs. However when Dick is made VP of Communications the company he works for tanks as a Enron-like scandal is revealed (the story takes place in 2000 so hint hint). So Dick is out of a job and the bills are paying off, not to mention months of finding no work. Meanwhile his ex-company’s CEO played by Alec Baldwin is living the highlife after having sold all his stock beforehand. And if stealing was good enough for him…

Dick and Jane resort to robbing everything from convenience stores to banks; amateurs at first they soon develop a taste for it.

The movie actually has a good story behind it, I mean it’s not one of those movies where you get lost. It is quite funny actually however it treads a difficult road where it’s sometimes witty and political and sometimes pure slapstick. This is why Carrey’s best comedic performances are Farlley Brother films like Dumb & Dumber and Me, Myself & Irene, where the movies are completely slapstick and Carrey looks free to just be himself. I guess the idea was to appeal to Carrey’s fan base and new viewers as well.

This is a funny movie but Carrey fans shouldn’t expect to be rolling in the aisles with laughter. I think the best word to describe it is: enjoyable, which by default makes it better than most and a good movie for this season (Brian Grazer really knows how to make the money work). It is pretty family friendly except with an instance or two of language ‘blunders’.

Bottom Line: 3/5


  • carry has been promoting this movie for a while nowâ?¦heâ??s been on Letterman (where he undressed some guy in the audience because he needed a sweater that was Christmassy) and on Conan (where he sang silent night in a heavy metal vainâ?¦he also gave Conan a few pointers on how to improve his string dance) its almost like Jim knows its not the best he could have offered his fans and heâ??s just trying to get asses in the seats.
    You know heat I miss? Those old fashioned Christmas feel good movies that used to come out right after Thanksgiving. What happened, did we just get tired of those or is Hollywood also trying to separate church and state?

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