My Mental Carols

I feel like I havn’t blogged about anything for awhile. Maybe because I’m avoiding politics. I’m trying to enjoy this week before I start cracking the books again. So I’ve been out of the house as much as possible, mainly downtown Toronto and watching movies. Even though it’s pretty cold outside (refer to waterfall), the downtown area is littered with Christmas decorations and it’s quite a site that tends to attract a lot of shoppers for last minute shopping. The Eaton’s Center, which is one of the largest malls, has a traditional Christmas scene set up and it’s quite the thing to see as it includes a big tree and floating ornaments (which are usually flocks of Canadian geese). This is one of those malls tourists come to and get their picture taken, mostly because it’s designed different than most malls and it’s pretty old.

On my music playlist are a few new tracks but mostly old.

Ryan Adams has a song on the Elizabethtown soundtrack I’ve been listening to for a while called “Come Pick Me Up”, so I’ve also been back tracking to an older song of his: “Desire”.

Along the same lines I have the beautiful “EZ” by Pete Yorn and “Lonelily” by Damian Rice playing. And a little more alternative rockish is a great song called “Brand New Day” by 40 Foot Echo (this is also a good album for you rock fans but I forgot what it’s called as it’s been awhile).

On the bit older genre there’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” by John Haitt. I must’ve heard this song on a tv commercial or a movie trailer or something; it’s one of those oldies that comes back to haunt you in a good way. And a bit older is the beautifully mellow “Fly” by Nick Drake; I’ve been watching The Royal Tennenbaums on DVD so that’s where this one came up.

The new track I just heard is “Eyes” by Rogue Wave. It’s a really good song whose chorus, “open your eyes…”, sticks with you.

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