How Bush Failed Math at Yale

“I would say 30, doctor 000, cialis sale more or less, have died as a result of
the initial incursion and the ongoing violence against Iraqis.”


  • Pierce, Iraq Body Count? You mean the cute little graphic people can put on their websites? Dont they base their numbers on what the media tells them it is?

    What ever happened to the independent Lancet report?

  • I heard it on the news this morning … the report indicated how Bush was not given a debriefing prior to taking questions …and the number he gave was based on what he has seen on the news and in the media 😀

  • The Lancet report took the range of estimates from 3,000 (too low) to 200,000 (too high), split the difference, and came up with the 100,000 number in the summary.

    But if you actually dig into the report, 30,000 is more reasonable since you can easily throw out the too low and too high numbers. Really no one knows though.

    Does a suicide bombing that kills 20 other people count as 20 or 21 (the bomber)?

    If you want to compare butcher’s bills, how many would Saddam have killed in that time?

    If you’re saying Bush is bad at math because he used the Iraq Body Count number instead of the Lancet number, I don’t think its Bush who’s bad at math/statistics, I think its you!

  • Pierce, with all due respect you were the one who brought up the Iraq body count whose number depend on media reports.

    as for Saddam, no one is saying he is innocent.

    if we want to compare bills, how many died of the sanctions imposed on Iraq?

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