Nothing To Do Today But Smile

marketI am currently taking the day off from studying for exams and writing research papers. The feeling is strange because when you are as big a procrastinator as I am you derive some sort of sick pleasure in putting things off till the last minute and since I’ve taken the day off there is nothing to procrastinate and the absence of that pleasure is killing me. Are there any compulsive procrastinators who have any idea what I’m talking about?

So I am occupying my time with trivial pursuits. A walk outside is currently out of the question because the snow refuses to melt here: it’s not entering its third week and that’s just not right. Also it’s a Monday, a dull day. Cold outside, cold inside, dark everywhere. In other news I’ve declared war on Oreo cookies because they are (a) too fattening for a winter junk food and more importantly (b) they refuse to seperate without breaking. I’ve been told the secret is to twist and then pull but that is a lie!

On the music scene I’m still listening to some John Mayer and Fort Minor since a few days ago but I’m also rewinding ancient tracks. “The Only Living Boy in New York” by Simon & Garfunkel is on my playlist, I feel particularly attracted to the line that goes “hey, I got nuthin to do today but smile…”.

Guster is making a rare appearance after a long absence. “Deamons”, “Either Way”, “So Long”. Also Bush’s “Letting the Cables Sleep” is an oldie but a goodie and The Watchmen’s “Brighter Hell” (shame they had to break up).

I have to say I am for what I believe is the first time, listening to strangest mix of songs. Usually I stick to one mood, rock, alternative, mellow and easy listening, something a bit contemporary for the adult in me. Though its officially a mix this time.

Some new music (at least for me; maybe for you)

I’ve never heard of Sia but she is good. She has an honest voice that isn’t studio produced in excess, and the music is a blending of piano, strings and some unconventional drumming. Listen to “Breath Me”, this is a haunting piano-driven mellow song.

Now I’ve been listening to Cary Brothers for well over a year now, or at least since Zach Braff’s Garden State movie came out and I got hooked on the soundtrack (which won him a grammy by the way). I’ve listened to at least half the songs as free downloads on his site throughout the months but there are some new songs on the “Waiting for your Letter” EP.

I recommend the acoustic-based songs like “Honestly” and “Lonliest Girl in the World”. Also the song “The Wasted One” is reminiscent of U2’s “I still haven’t found what i’m looking for”. This is actually a very wintersque collection of songs to tell you the truth. Another nifty bonus song is “Canada” which is a rather funny song where he says “Everyone’s cool in Canada” and “Everyone’s healthy in Canada”. Speaking of which, I should go get my flu shot sometime this week.

Anyways you can listen to his entire album here.

Here’s the complete playlist for this week (don’t laugh):

– For The Longest Time – Billy Joel (don’t ask)
– Deamons/ Either Way/ So Long – Guster
– My December [Reanimation] – Linkin Park
– Breath Me/ Rewrite/ Numb – Sia
– Lost in Hollywood – System of a Down
– 525,600 Minutes – Rent soundtrack
– The Only Living Boy in New York – Simon & Garfunkel
– Where’d You Go? – Fort Minor
– Cello Suite 1 [Bach] – Yo Yo Ma
– Undone [The Sweater Song] – Weezer
– Letting the Cables Sleep – Bush
– “Waiting For Your Letter” album – Cary Brothers

Some of this stuff is up on the Black Iris Radio for your enjoyment.


  • I was reading impatiently trying to know if you uploaded any song to your radio until I read this: “Hereâ??s the complete playlist for this week (donâ??t laugh):” looool then I laughed so hard, sorry and thanks for making me laugh :p

  • when you are as big a procrastinator as I am you derive some sort of sick pleasure in putting things off till the last minute

    Aaaaakh!! I totally relate Nas… and then when you manage to finish what you’re supposed to finish in the last minute… it feels like a great achievement! But I am trying to break free from the habit, I’ll let you know if it works 😉

  • Lina, exactly! a great achievement. I use it in exams when i get an ok grade and tell myself well i only studied for a few hours so. Procrastination gives me a context for relativity

    if it works out for yah come back and tell me the secret! 😀

  • I relate to the procrastination habit cause I have it real bad
    It seems that I convinced myself at one point that I achieve better if I am short of time and put under some pressure to meet a deadline .. and that’s why I keep putting off things till the last minute ignoring all the sayings of “don’t put off what you can do today till tomorrow” etc.
    I remember that I have an ebook that is all about tips to stop procrastinantion … I never read it because I put that off till a later time … hahahahahaha .. hopeless case wallah .. but I will look it up and send it to you 🙂
    maybe together we can come up with a formula that stops us from falling off the wagon of procrastination

  • Actually I am going to surprise you and myself and send it to you now … cause unlike me … I went and digged in my files and found the ebook and you will be getting it in your inbox in a few minutes … but please bear in mind that I haven’t read it … so if you are planning to discuss it with me .. please tell me ahead so that I can scan it quickly 😉

    Lina … you will be getting a copy too 😀

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