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12 thoughts on “Putting West Amman on the Map. Literally.

  1. LOOL! Awesome 🙂
    I use Google Earth for the map, there’s this thing I downloaded, it’s like a layer of open-source Amman information and it has every single thing you can imagine, even explaination of Jordan University and stuff.
    Pretty cool though, it’s nice to have a jpeg image, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You can easily get this map too if you go to the Royal Geographic Center (I think that’s the official name) and ask for it, it’s about JD 1 I think. They have tons of maps, they have maps of every mu7afatha in the country, and they have this Amman touristic map (the one you showed) in both Arabic and English. I went there and got it along with that of el mu7afatha, I have this one on the wall in my office.

    However, I was disappointed that I had to first know about this place, then go all the way to it and pass a security gate in order to get this map. This map should be around every corner.

    But the thing that disappointed me the most was the lack of pictures of Amman, I literally spent hours driving from one place to the other looking for poster size pictures of Amman and couldn’t find a single one. I went to the ministry of tourism, they told me to go to hay2at tanshee6 el seya7a, I went there and all they had were posters of other places in Jordan; Petra, Kerak, Jerash, Ajlun, Dead Sea, Aqaba, but nothing for Amman. The guy said there weren’t any.

    I’ve seen many cool pictures of Amman in local magazines and even on the back of this same street map of Amman, but none were made available alone.

  3. Hamzeh, yeah i know what you’re talking about, I think I have that same map as you do but not of west amman. The problem is over here I can get a map of toronto at an gas station at any book store or even supermarkets, but in Amman its like you have to know where to look so i dont know how a tourist must feel.

    as for posters, tell me about it! I spent hours and hours driving around to find posters of amman that are nice enough to frame and nutin! we should start a company

  4. This reminded me of a tourist we encountered weeks ago in Amman, she asked me where she can get some maps of Amman, to be able to drive if she rented a car.I was speechless:???: I told her to go to the municipality. Nothing else occured to me at the moment.

    Anyhow, there a couple of brochures that come out every year such as “Look out directory” which has all stuff about Amman from Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals,Art, leisure directories with all activities listed. Its quite cool. But rather focuses on the 5 star niveaux places which is a pity for a tourist who’d like also to see the more traditional and typical areas of Jordan…

  5. Hi there..
    I’m doing research on Amman and have actually assembled a street map of Amman, will all the names. From small ones already on GAM website.
    Email me if you’re still interested, and i’ll send it over. It’s quite big, so i’ll have to figure a way around it.
    I think i also found the boundary between west and east Amman.. 🙂

  6. hi,

    I am doing research on east amman, informal settlement in amman (focusing on jabal Natheef) and social services provided there. Can anyone help me with some maps about this area, especially jabal natheef, and the boundary between west and east amman?

    thanks a lot

    Karolien Debel
    A. Latourstraat 3
    9050 Ledeberg

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  7. I have travelled all over the world, Europe, Far East, The Americas and the Mddle East (gulf) and finally arrived in Jordan. The most beautiful country in the world. The Ministry of Culture / Tourism are missing an opportunity of putting Jordan on the tourist map. You must be more agressive in promoting your fantastic country.

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