Tracing Jordan’s History Through Stamps

A little over a month ago I blogged about Jordan’s Mysterious Money History. Today I want to offer a little something from the stamp world.

What I like about stamps is that their ability to depict a nation’s history. There are pieces of Jordan’s history embedded between the frames. Some are strange, some are tragic, some are just weird. I’ll try and present a healthy mix. Overall they provide a stunning visual of Jordan’s modern history. You can find hundreds more at this site.

This is one of the earliest stamps from 1923

HM King Hussein & Queen Dina, 1955

Palestinian Refugees Plight & Tragedy in the Holy Land


Massacre of Palestinian Refugees in Sabra & Shatila Camps, Lebanon, 1983

Queen Alia Airport Opens, 1983

Royal Jordanian Radio Amateurs Society

Palestinian Welfare

Israel’s Attack on Iraqi on Iraqi Nuclear Reactor, 1985

Independence & Army Day, 1985

U.N.I.C.E.F. Child Survival Campaign, 1985

Arab & Muslim Pharmacist, 1987

Battle of Hittin 800th Anniversary, Saladdin, 1987

Arabian Horse Festival, 1989

Mosaic, 1989

Palestinian “Intefadah” Movement, 1991

His Majesty King Hussein’s Birthday, 1997

The Black Iris

2nd Arab Beekeepers Conference, 1998

Hijaz Railway Museum, 1999

HM King Abdullah II & Queen Rania, Coronation, 1999

Pope John Paul II Visit to Jordan / 36th Anniversary of Pope visit to Jordan, 2000

Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2001

The Martyr Mohammed Al Dorra, 2001

Anti-Smoking for Children, 2001

Jordanian Olives, 2001


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