“Our Message” Fundraising Campaign

In response to the barbaric terrorist explosions that targeted innocent lives in our beloved Amman, an initiative of Jordanian citizens (Risalitna) has been launched to demonstrate loyalty to Jordan, resistance to terrorism and solidarity with the families of the victims.

Risalitna counters terroristsâ?? message of unjustifiable killing and destruction by a Jordanian message of peace, tolerance and coexistence. Risalitna also affirms unity of all Jordanians.

Sixty innocent people were killed. Tens more lay in hospitals with injuries ranging from difficult to life-threatening. Wives have been widowed, men have been left with young children to raise without loving mothers, and youths lost their families and the source of their livelihood and future education. Death and destruction have left a profound impact on hundreds of Jordanians from all walks of life, many with real and immediate needs of financial support. Their future is either misery or, through support of generous Jordanians, one of hope to re-emerge and lead lives with hope, respect and dignity.

Consequently, Risalitna is spearheading a fundraising campaign under the theme: from the people, to the people. This campaign seeks to raise financial support to the individuals and families most impacted by this 9/11 tragedy. Organized in cooperation with both Christian and Muslim associations, Risalitna will provide support to the neediest families through the YMCA and YMWA.

From the people, to the people is a unique partnership between Jordanian citizens. The Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, media, private sector and NGOs granted this citizens’ initiative immense and prompt support. Such a partnership underscores the message that â??each one of us is Jordan.â?

The victims of the 9/11 terror and their victimized families need your support. You can demonstrate your support in a variety of ways including calling the telephone number (09000-9000) from a landline or any mobile telephone from Jordan. You can also purchase a Risalitna poster or car sticker from stores throughout Jordan. The families will most benefit from direct cash contributions into a dedicated bank account number (53950) at Union Bank/Jabal Amman. All funds collected will be distributed directly by the YMCA and YMWA based on strict criteria of need.

Demonstrate your good citizenship and patriotism and contribute to the victims. Your efforts will help the needy and beat the terrorists.

Please pass on the news to family and friends in Jordan.

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