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Imperial College London has issued a ban on its staff and students wearing hijabs or hoodies in its buildings as part of an effort to improve campus security. I think the college got it wrong, they should lef the hijab, this way they can be able to tell the difference between the terrorists and the ‘normal’ people!! sigh

Meanwhile in a curious move, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says it supports Christian Coptic canidates for Parliament stating: “The Copts are our partners and enjoy as equal rights and duties as Muslims and have the right to run for parliamentary polls and ministerial and public posts.”

In Turkey a newspaper headline read “Case Closed”, refering to the courts upholding of the headscarf (and beards) ban in universities, “…because it could be considered necessary to protect the democratic and secular system in Turkey against extremist movements”. Women who cover their heads are also barred from public service and parliament in Turkey. Ironically, in a country that is 99.8% Muslim, it’s Prime Minister Erdogan has to send his two veiled daughters to study in the United States.

In my Featured Article this week, Sami Moubayed writes in the Asian Times about Living or Dying for one’s country

Closer To Home:

Rami Khouri asks “Can Jordan fight terror, democratically?”

Jordan denies Jerusalem’s Old City in danger of collapse. Shaikh Sabri, said: “Large visible cracks have formed in the walls due to ongoing Israeli excavation work since 1967.”


  • So Israel causes damage to the wall but it was the first to complain about it!!

    I wonder what did the Jordanian committe say about Sabri’s complaint.

    btw, I’m no longer convinced that governments and institutes ban hijab out of ignorance, I think it’s more of misconception and a wrong belief that Islam not hijab is the problem and wearing hijab is an indicator of dedication to Islam. So its an issue of fighting a relgion not fighting extremism in general.

  • A couple of days ago , i saw a program on Islam in Turkey and how it is frightening the Secular identity. the government and the generals are really concerned , that 85% of people fast during ramadan and more and more people are buying Islamic books and turning to the Quran and wearing the hijab than before. some mosques were shown with very little space for the people praying so many had to pray on the streets on the pavement using their jackets . who said there was nothing positive in the War on terror ?

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