Jordanian Portraits of the Day

Jordanian born love birds perch on display for sale in Amman November 18, ampoule 2005. Jordanian Prime Minister Adnan Badran affirmed that Jordan was free of bird flu and that no cases have been registered


  • awww my cousin used to have one but one of them passed away and the other couldn’t live for so much longer after that.

    P.S I doubt that no cases have been reported, I mean come on even in the UAE with all the restrictions and strict laws (which I don’t know too much about but I’d like to imagine that Jordan falls behind) few cases were reported.

  • SC, we once had two indian parrots, one female and one male. they lasted one day as a couple. the female pecked the male’s head so hard he died. it wasn’t meant to be i suppose. weeks later she bit my fathers finer and flew off into the sunset. to india maybe.

    as for bird flue. when the government feels it might has a case on its hand it will keep it quiet to the media to avoid public scare. it does this while it runs some tests even at the risk that the epedimic will spread while the results come back. when those results are verified, they then publically announce the results. whether they are good or bad, it is in the governments best interest at this point to tell the truth in order to have a low casualty rate. this is how most government’s handle the situation.

    and since most jordanians use meat on their mansaf, i think we’re okay 😀

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