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6 thoughts on “Checkpoint: A Documentary

  1. The movie seems to be very interesting, however, after loggin on to amazon, i realized that the price is too expensive for a DVD at $100 per copy. While other films are usually a maximum of $20-$30. I’m not sure why the price is so high, but when i was in Canada, i saw a film called Jenin which is pro-Israel for $10, therefore, i believe that since the movie “Checkpoint” is not pro Israel, therefore it may have extra taxation while the movie”Jenin” could have been exempted from taxes by the Israeli Government.

  2. Joe, yeah i was wondering why it was so damn expensive. but the Jenin documentary was played on Global, which is really pro-israeli because of u know who. They played it everyday for like a week and had commercials to sell the dvd. Checkpoint was shown on The Passionate Eye on CBC, which is tries to be as objective as possible.

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