Black Wednesday Website Launched

New website dedicated to recent attacks

AMMAN (Petra) â?? A new website documenting the Nov. 9 attacks will be operational in the coming days. Dedicated to the victims of Black Wednesday and all Jordanians, is designed by local engineer Sami Rabayeh who said the website comes in response to other sites that use the Internet to promote terrorism. He said the site will serve those interested in knowing more about the attacks that targeted three Amman hotels earlier this month. The website will post related articles from local and Arab newspapers, a list of the people killed in the bombings, as well as photos of the attacks, the victims and the subsequent protests. It will also include a brief history of the Kingdom and tourist sites and an online forum for the site’s visitors to post their opinions.


  • The attacks on the hotels was a product of the Jordanian security agencies to counter the support the people have for jihad in iraq…do you think a regime that is a venue for torturing muslim prisoners of the US to hesitate from killing innocent people???

  • salem, the attacks on the hotels were a product of terrorism by brainwashed extremists. the overwhelming majority of jordanians agree. show me your evidence that says Jordan is torturing American prisoners and i’ll show you evidence that 63 innocent people died at the hands of murderers 😉

  • Before talking about the action of the horrible tragedy of the hotels chain bomb, let’s stand on the black hands that painted our Wednesday’s eve with a black!
    Many families were forced to take off the white dresses and replace it with black, Alqaeda was the hooligan!

    Alqaeda?! Who are they?
    Is an international alliance of Islamic militant terrorist organizations founded in 1988 by Azzam (later replaced by Osama Bin Laden) and other veteran “Afghan Arabs” after the Soviet War in Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda has attacked civilian and military targets in various countries, the most notable being the September 11, 2001 attacks. These actions were followed by the U.S. government launching a military and intelligence campaign against al-Qaeda called the “War on Terror”.

    Al-Qaeda has been labeled a terrorist organization by the United Nations Security Council, and it’s our turn now to label them by the same name we must wake up from all the lies they are spreading by the name of Islam and GOD its our responsibility to protect our lives countries and religion!

    Only well educated youth can write the history of their own lets ask read and know more about our enemies, lets spread through the glob about our great morals and behaviors lets learn about the communication tools and be in the middle of the global village with a strong beliefs of our own Identity accepting all others!
    God bless our Country!

  • The website is not available anymore and the domain is for sale. It is a real shame, it should have remained as a living memory and a tribute to all those innocent people who lost their lives on the fatefully grim day. May their souls rest in peace.

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