When There’s a 25-foot Wall in your Way…

The Israeli ‘security wall’ is the world’s biggest prison.Twice as long as the Berlin wall and three times as high, it’s strange that the world doesnâ??t seem to notice it. The wall encloses 250,000 Palestinians, cutting them off from schools, clinics, land, and any chance of a future as an independent state.

The website No Wall, is designed to create a greater awareness about the wall in Palestine for the British public, with many artistic tools such as a very creative advert about the wall (worth a download) and a way to “remove a brick from the wall” by sending in a photo.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

Singer/Songwriter Damien Rice

The website is part of the War on Want which recently brought the world the War on Poverty, a pretty big campaign that took center stage last summer.

The Writingâ??s on the Wall campaign was launched by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd in June 2004, to do something about the wall.

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It’s worth a look.

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