Jordanians Fatest People in the World?!

AMMAN (Petra) â?? The percentage of obesity among Jordanians is the highest in the world, said Minister of Health Saeed Darwazeh in a joint press conference yesterday with National Centre for Diabetes (NCD) President Kamel Ajlouni.

Ajlouni said the obesity percentage among Jordanian women stands at 75 per cent, while it reaches 60 per cent among men. [source]

I am blown away

I’m also reminded of…

The Mansaf Island – Aqaba 2009 Palm Island – Dubai 2005

What is Mansaf?

Wanna cook it?

Fat Content? Unknown…

Did You Know?
To eat Mansaf properly you cannot use a spoon (it’s actually disrepectful if you do in some parts of Jordan). Also You must place your left hand behind your back and eat with the right hand by mixing the rice, meat and yogurt sauce into small balls using the thumb and first two fingers.


  • I’m surprised, I thought it should be an American!
    but I agree that women in Jordan tend to be…umm..well…fat

    p.s I’ve never in my life eaten mansaf with my hand, that should be an interesting experience, will do it when i’m all alone 😀

  • Actually I am shocked and a little sceptical I look around and I think I am the only overwight person in the world..I tend to think that girls and young ladies in Amman at least (maybe not all Jordan)are mostly thin and fashionable..and I certainly would have thought Americans were the obesest.

  • I join the skepticism. Every time we go back to the US, my kids have to be reminded not to stare and comment because they aren’t used to seeing that level of obesity so often.

    Salam, remember that ‘slim and fashionable” can be just as unhealthy as overweight. Hang in there and just practice moderation.

  • Ajlouni is obesity’s worst enemy, at least i remember him grabbing my karsh and unleishing his jokes everytime he saw me in the corridor,
    now he is damn smart , so i assume he based these figures on a some sort of study or statistics, but i like to see the distribution of this figure 75%. Probably he was referring to patients with diabtees or to the more elderly population.

  • h3 h3 , no wonder i cant find a girl friend 😛 , well but i doub this 75% it would be a disaster , maybe its aged based or as hareega said within those who have diabetes

  • lool you guys cannot base anything on western amman! go outside amman and look at the villages and town where practically all the women are overweight. My father says its because they wear the more traditional clothes which allows them to “fill out”, particularly the beduins, i think thats true. Plus they dont work as much as they used to in the fields and also they dont have the same “images” stigmas that women have in the city of being magazine cover thin.

  • You’re right Nas, I was going to say the same. Almost all the girls I’ve met last summer wear overwieght yet they think of themselves as “slim” 😀

  • Salaams: I’m surprised about this report, but then, upon reflection, maybe not too much, given the # of people who have diabetes. “Jazeerat ul Mansaf” is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for linking me. What do you use to give yourself a preview box in comments? Is it part of your template or is it a plug in?

  • Well,
    This is funny,
    I used to think of my self being Chubby before I came to the states, and Good God, I found that I was slim and my belly was just a visual Illusion compared with what I have seen here.

    where did this report come from ya 3ammy?

    Mansaf Island,
    I would love to spend my life there.

  • actually the mansaf island isnt a bad idea!!! I just need the capital and i’ll start working on that :p

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