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23 thoughts on “The True Meaning of the Jordanian Flag

  1. got this far why get lazy now?

    the pure crimson isosceles triangle represents the Hashemite dynasty and symbolises the Great Arab Revolt of 1916, joining the three equal bands representing the Abbasid (black), Umayyad (white) and Fatimid (green) dynasties respectively.

    for most Arabian flags that have the black white and green bands they mean the same thing

  2. I love this article, I searched through many websites to find the meaning of the 7-pointed star on the Jordanian flag. I finally stumbled onto this page which helped me find my answer. Thank you.

    Black often represents determination, ethnic heritage, and/or defeating one’s enemies.

    Green can symbolize the Earth, agriculture, fertility, and/or the Muslim religion

    Red often represents courage, revolution, hardiness, blood, and/or valor

    White often represents peace, purity, mountain snow, and/or innocence. A simple white flag represents surrender

  3. Actually, this article says much; it’s the best of all I’ve read about the true meanings of the Jordanian flag. Ms Randa has done a great job in her detailed and thorough explanation of each part of the flag. I appreciate the time and efforts Aburayyan has endured to write such a masterpiece. In short, the article saves any researcher’s time and energy as everything has been put in such a way that wins the approval of the searcher.
    Thank you very much, Ms Randa Aburayyan.

  4. So people STILL say “ya3ni” while speaking English in Jordan?
    I always found that interesting.

    Every single friend of mine says that word 2-3 times per phrase. This is blog-worthy.

    For readers who don’t speak Arabic, “ya3ni” = “meaning”.

    Right? lol

    So it sounds something like “we should go to a, I mean, movie to, i mean, kill some time and then, i mean, go home”

    It reminds me of the cursed “like” in the U.S.
    Like, totally.

  5. I find it hilarious that the comments fell off track and into the stop-everything-and-do-my-homework abyss on this flag post. The irony is killing me! Maybe we need to add a widget to the flag that represents the typical lazy-dependent-why-learn-anything average citizen – weave that into our national symbolism. ROFLMTO!!!!

  6. Amer: yeah, people still do that… but i was overdoing it here particularly to serve the humorous purpose of my reply 😀

    “Maybe we need to add a widget to the flag that represents the typical lazy-dependent-why-learn-anything average citizen – weave that into our national symbolism.”
    this is just cracking me up and everybody around me at the “library” are wondering! hehehehe

  7. The Jordan flag features three horizontal bands. The three colors used in the flag are black, white and green respectively. The color black stands for Abbasid Caliphate of Islam, white stands for the Umayyad Caliphate of Islam and the color green stands for Fatimid Caliphate of Islam.

    All these three bands in the flag of Jordan are connected to a red colored symmetrical triangle representing the Great Arab Revolt in 1916. The triangle also represents the Hashemite dynasty.

    A white star with seven points is featured on the hoist side of the red triangle. The seven points symbolizes the seven verses of Islamic belief, which is mentioned at the beginning of Qur’an. The seven points represent faith in one God, humanity, humility, national spirit, virtue, social justice and aspiration. The star also stands for the unity of the people of Arab. According to some people it refers to the seven hills on which the capital city Amman was built.

  8. And where’s the source to any of these claims??!?
    As far as I know the flag used during the “Arab revolution” of 1916
    Is the same as the Palestinian flag used today… Only the stripes are in different order.
    Everything I read here makes no sense at all since the red triangle has been in use during the “revolution”, so how can it be used afterwards to represent this event, like it was invented after the revolution. It’s funny how every one is buying into this article with information that has no source or foundation what so ever.
    Surah al Fatiha is seven verses, that’s a fact…
    But for the star to represent al Fatiha is a joke.
    Since when did a seven point star become Islamic??!?
    Another fact. how about the seven point star representing the 7 skies that Jordan is under…
    Or 7 continents… Or my personal favorite 7 hills Amman is built on LoL
    Hahahaha…are we still talking about the flag of Jordan? Seems like that would be the flag of Amman.
    This article is a joke, the architect that wrote this should stick to drawing blueprints…
    Instead of drawing ideas out of the blue.
    Recently discovered… 7 point star represents the seven billboards that the king Abdullah is frowning on. He looks like an ant eater crawled up his royal Anglo-Arab arse. If they put up another picture of him to frown on ppl with, I’ll find something else the seven point star will represent.
    R u catching my drift?
    It’s a magical star that represents anything in 7’s…
    Forgot to mention a seven point star is also a Masonic symbol. Scratch ur head now. Make sure u do it seven times… So the seven point star can represent how many times u scratched ur head.

  9. Thank you Read for you remarks….This article was originally inspired by a mini project for 1st year design students for intuition, symbolic meanings and geometry. It was written and submitted to the Jordan Times (and somewhat oddly re-edited) shortly after the 2005 suicide bombings in Amman….and yes all symbols are subject to interpretations. There are no facts, only perceived realities and I respect your somewhat angry perception of reality, a reflection of our current times. Unfortunately sarcasm and anger will get us no where. Perhaps you may sit and attempt to draw a 7 pointed star, it is a soothing and sobering exercise.

    Randa November 2013

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