Amman Moving Forward Wedding Style

â??If we postponed the wedding that would mean we gave in to the terrorists, and we will not do that.â?

Jordanian Shukri Azar and his bride Heba Abu Ghazali arrive for their wedding party at the Days Inn hotel, one of three luxury hotels bombed on Wednesday, in Amman November 11, 2005.

In another wedding…

Nimer Qubti and Suha Jildah were not afraid to have their wedding at the Days Inn on Saturday evening, as 150 guests joined them in celebration and solidarity.

The marriage was the second at the hotel since Wednesday’s bombings, which killed 57 people including several at the Days Inn. Joy and sadness mixed at the ceremony, but the tragedy a few days earlier would not keep the couple from going on with their lives explained Essa Qubti, the groom’s father.

Elia Turjuman, the bride’s brother-in-law, said: â??If we postponed the wedding that would mean we gave in to the terrorists, and we will not do that.â? The families say they were not afraid to have the wedding at the hotel and management assured them that security was stringent.

Khalid Abu Ghoush, general manager at the Days Inn, told The Jordan Times that security is tight, and that the hotel is running as usual. The damages have been repaired, mainly the windows at the front of the lobby, and extra security measures have been taken, including metal detectors, scanners and extra security personnel. About 35 per cent of rooms are occupied. [full article]


  • I flew into Amman last night with a plane PACKED full of Austrians who chose not to cancel their vacation plans for Jordan. A sign of solidarity and confidence. May God especially bless these new marriages which began in greater courage and resovle than most.

  • kinzi, from what i’ve been reading i’m actually suprised at the amount of support, especially the kind of support that invovles money such as business men and investors not pulling their money from Jordan. it really does say something because people don’t invest millions just for the sake of solidarity. on a social level i think the weddings at these hotels are a big middle finger to the terrorists.

  • These blasts wont prevent us from anything, we will fight & survive till the end and as they say (Dont cry because its over, Laugh because it happened) , i hope what happened to us jordanians will wake us up to what is taking place NOW in the near countries such as the BLASTS Done in Palestine & IRAQ E V E R Y — DAY … may god be with them, and my deepest condolences to all the Jordanians that lost a dear one –> relative or a dear friend may god be with you, i have the same feeeling because i have lost a dear cousin (Dr. Jamal Amro) a father of an amazing Child (Zeina) … all i have to say that may god protect all the islamic countries

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