Amman Post Attacks News Clippings

Rami Khouri wrote an interesting piece about why Jordan was attacked on Wednesday, in relation to America’s occupation of Iraq next door.

And while Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi condemned last week’s bombings in Amman he hinted at Israel’s involvement. “The bombings were suspicious. Reports indicate the Zionist regime has been behind the event,” he stated

Terrorism expert Loretta Napoleoni says Zarqawi is a myth invented by America. Though Zarqawi’s sister has evidently been captured by Jordanian police after her failed attempt to detonate at the Radisson wedding.

Despite the attacks, according to the LA Times, the Jordanian Intelligence (Mukhabarat) now outranks the Israeli Mosad as America’s “most trusted Mideast intelligence and counter-terrorism ally.”

In other news, the GAM is preparing the Amman Martyr’s Park for the victims lost to Wednesday’s attacks. And one of Amman’s streets will be named after Syrian Director Moustafa Akkad who died of injuries from the attacks.

An increase in security has been noticable: â??Metal detectors and security equipment are being installed in hotels in Amman, the Dead Sea and Aqaba, government buildings and major shopping centres,â? Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Muasher told reporters.

Probably my favorite bit of news comes from a cool show of unity as the townsfolk of Fuheis and Mahas (pre-dominantly Christian and Muslim respectivly) marched together to condemn the attacks, Saturday afternoon. â??The Christians and Muslims are united all the time and we stand together at this time because we feel that some people from outside attacked us and invaded our country. We are more united and stronger than ever before,â? said Mayor of Fuheis Fuad Smeirat.

While Christians prayed for the victims and lit candles at the Greek Orthodox Church in Amman earlier Sunday…


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