Attention Citizens & Jordanian Bloggers!!

To Jordanian Citizens:

In all probability there will be a protest on the streets of Jordan, patient beit tomorrow or over the weekend. This is a predictable event and a solid reaction to this atrocity.

I implore you, sildenafil I beg of everyone who is able to do so, medical to march.

You have two options really: watching the news on tv or going out to the streets and making the news.

Send the world a message about who we are and what we are made of.

Send who ever is responsible for these acts a message that we cannot be broken.

Let the images on the international news be not of rubble or sirens or chaos but strength and unity and the colors of the flag raised high. Let those colors come to define this week, this tragedy.

I would give anything in this world to be there right now. Absolutly anything.

To Jordanian Bloggers and Citizens of Jordan Planet:

of all Sabri you made us all proud when your blog showed up on CNN and BBC News earlier today. I was at the airport in Toronto and saw your blog clear as day. It was a proud moment in an hour of misery for me.

Second, all of you, keep on blogging! Pictures, Emotions, Reactions, let them out…post them up, whatever they may be, The Planet is a showcase this week.

March on! Keep on!


  • Hey Nas… Yes we all stand together! Thank you for posting this call to the march! I’m trying to find out as early as possible when and where something organized will start so that we can post about it in advance and have everyone go!

    God bless our Jordan

  • Man how I wish I was in Jordan right now.

    Please people, whoever is in Jordan right now, do take action, do send out the message. Make this our one million marsh. Don’t wait to hear the phone ringing and your friend asking you to go with them; be the person calling, call on each other, call on each other to go out. Call on political figures that you know. I beg you if you know one political figure in Jordan do call on them to set this up if it hasn’t been set up already. Do ask, don’t sit and wait … act now and send the message.

    College students, I beg you to contact your student councils. Call on them to organize this. Raise your Jordanian flags, raise the banners and send out the clear message to whoever did this that we are not the enemy, that they have done a great mistake by doing this, that they have made themselves the enemy, that we will never be broken.

    I konw if I was there I would be doing this.

    And finally, please be safe!

    God bless Jordan. And like Nas said, marsh on!

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