November Radio

Ramadan is over and so life has settled back to “normal”. Well there are still the 6 days of Shawwal, so technically life will officially be back to “normal” this Thursday.

New month, new music playing on the mp3 player. Some new and some old actually, or maybe “nostalgic” is a better word than “old”. So there are new songs playing on my radio here.

The new Switchfoot album “Nothing is Sound” is really good. A lot of great tracks on there. I really like the mellowness of The Blues and The Shadow Proves the Sunshine. Both are one of those rare songs where the lyrics and the music get along very well. Lyrics like “I am a crooked soul trying to stay up straight” and “Does justice ever find you? Do the wicked never loose? Is there any honest song to sing besides these blues?”

I first heard Joe Purdy on everyone’s favorite show “LOST”. I think both “Wash Away” and “Suitcase” were featured on the show. However my favorite song “The City” was played on another ABC show: “Grey’s Anatomy”. Very folksy stuff.

I’m still diggin The Killers album so two tracks are on the radio: “All the things that I’ve done” and “Indie Rock’n Roll”. I love the bridge of the former song that goes: “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”, a clever play on words 😀

Some of the nostalgic songs include K’s Choice: “Almost Happy”, a pretty decent pop rock song, as well as Tonic’s “Soldier’s Daughter” from one of my all time favorite albums, “Lemon Parade” (if you get a chance, check out all the songs on that album)

joe purdy
Joe Purdy


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