Def Poetry: Speak With Authority

This is a spoken word piece from the show Def Poetry entitled “Speak with Authority” (i think). It’s all about how, like, the English language has changed and new words have formed new meanings altering how many of us speak? Even to the point where people have “dumbed down” the language to sound, normal?

Anywho, it’s halarious and, like, you know, honest? all at the same time? So check it out. (I’ve also transcribed it below)

Speak With Authority

In case you haven’t realized, it has somehow become uncool to sound like you know what you’re talking about? or believe strongly in what you’re, like… saying? invisible question marks and parenthetical “you knows?” and “you know what i’m sayings?” have been attaching themselves to the ends of our sentences even when those sentences aren’t like… questions?

Declaritive sentences, so called because they used to like, you know, declare things to be true? okay, as opposed to other things that are like TOTALLY, you know… not? they’ve been infected by this tragically cool and totally hip interrogative tone as if i’m saying “don’t think i’m a nerd just because i’ve, like, noticed this okay? i have nothing personally invested in my own opinions i’m just, like, inviting you to JOIN ME ON THE BANDWAGON OF MY OWN UNCERTAINTY…”

what has happened to our conviction? where are the limbs out on which we once walked? have they been, like, chopped down with the rest of the rain forests? you know? or do we have, like, nothing to say? has society just become so filled with these feelings of “meh” that we’ve just gotten to the point where we’re the most aggressively inarticulate generation to come around since, you know, a long time ago!?

so i implore you. i entreat you and i challenge you to SPEAK WITH CONVICTION.
to say what you believe in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it.
because contrary to the wisdom of the bumper sticker, it is not enough these days to simply “question” authority.

you’ve got to speak with it, too.


  • Nas, It does my heart good to see that at least you don’t have this affliction. when you say something you just put it right out there…good to see. If there is a bandwagon of this *Newspeak going around collecting strays who’s command of the English language came from Rodney Dangerfield, then I suggest that you get off the road before you’re run over Nas.
    * old George Orwell did get it right, he just had the wrong date

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