The Eid Rush Madness

How the upcoming holidays are making everyone just a little crazier than usual…

Female Wrestling Match Over Shoes

QATEEF, 2 November 2005 – The general market in the eastern city of Qateef was turned into a virtual wrestling arena recently when two women fought over a pair of shoes, a report by Okaz has said. Instead of ordering new pairs of the shoe that was on display, the duo engaged in a tug-of-war that ended in a noisy wrestling match, said the report. Many shoppers attracted by the fracas came to watch but before the crowd could grow beyond control, police separated the wrestlers and took them to a nearby station for questioning

What is it with women and shoes?

Woman Placates Husband by Giving Him 2nd Wife

DAMMAM, 2 November 2005 – A woman teacher finally solved her frequent fights with her husband by providing him another wife, according to a report by Okaz. The report said the teacher noticed that her husband was trying to find excuses to start trouble, so she asked him if he would like to marry her friend who is also a teacher. The husband liked the idea and has stopped causing trouble after he took in the second wife

It’s nice to see that men are not the only ones abusing the religion.

An Internet website that belongs to Al Qaeda terrorism group has posted a death threat to prominent Egyptian actor Omar El Sharif for playing the role of a priest in an Italian television movie.

The message that was posted on the website stated that the crucified Omar has degraded the image of Islam and insulted all Muslims, therefore he must be killed.

Omar had revealed when the film was out that he was so attached to the role he played in the film and felt as if it was the most important one he had ever played. He added that it is difficult for him to play new roles after the experience.

Bin Laden and Ebert both gave Sharif’s performance in the 13th Warrior 2 thumbs down.

Pharmacists across the Middle East are increasing their stocks of Viagra after reporting significant sales increases for the drug over the Eid El-Fitr festival in previous years.

Figures reveal that during the holiday period, a time when families gather to celebrate Eid, pharmacists have seen a three-fold rise in demand for Viagra, the leading erectile dysfunction (ED) medication which is manufactured by Pfizer.

â??We have noticed the increase in Viagra sales over the last few years and are this year we plan to have extra stocks,â? said Dr. Nagib El Assali from El Tahra pharmacy in Cairo, Egypt.

The trend is common throughout the Middle East, with pharmacists in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar all noting similar sales patterns.

However Dr. Ahmed El Hakim, Pfizerâ??s Middle East Director of Health Policy and External Affairs, claims that the phenomenon is not unique to the Arab world. â??The rise in demand for Viagra during Eid reflects a worldwide trend for increased Viagra sales during holiday periods and festivals,â? said Dr. Hakim. â??There are similar patterns in Christian countries over Christmas.â?


  • I dont know who SC is, but lets not get carried away and call people sick…the women with the shoes, thats natural. it’s survival of the fittest! come on, dont tell me that you’ve never tackled someone who has the last one of something you want…never grabbed it out of the hands of a young child stupid enough to have wandered away from his parent or the rest of his herd.

  • lol I was not talking about the women who faught over the last pair of shoes, i’m talking about the woman who married her husband to her colleague.

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