F1 Jordan Pleeeeeeeez!

“Ctrl + Alt + Del”

roughly translated:
“Write this down. We hereby announce the cessation of illegal copies for one whole hour
out of respect for Jordan’s great guest: Bill Gates

I laughed so hard at this cartoon! I especially liked the “We only Mikrosoft dealer” painted on the wall and carboard “F1 Jordan Pleeeez”, that is so Jordanian. In honor of Bill Gates recent visit to Jordan which came after a visit to Israel where he pledged 1.5 million dollars to Israel’s technology sector.

You can read a review about the meeting at Ahmad Humeid’s blog

On another note…I kinda miss all those burned copies of CDs all around Amman, especially in the balad and the guy who sold movies outside shawarma Karam on Abdullah Gosheh street. The guy who would gaurentee you on his mother’s life that the movies were great quality. Of course you’d get home and find out they weren’t and the guy’s mother was probably dead. I also miss the guy who sold arabic movies in jabal hussein who you could haggle over the price with and then he’d conclude the bargin by saying in arabic “do you want those ‘other’ kind of movies” refering to pornos he had hidden somewhere.


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