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5 thoughts on “Amman: The New Boomtown?

  1. Thanks for the article Naseem, it’s interesting, although I don’t know what places the writer was talking about when he was describing all the steaminess in bars. Were they those old cheap night clubs that Amman always had, or were they really new emerging “popular” places that are breaking into the norm when it comes to Amman’s night life.

    Also, I think that “half trillion” figure is way way waaaaaaaay off.

  2. Natasha, no problem.

    Hamzeh, the bars…it was the latter thing u said. as for the half trillion. well its a business man’s estimate and not an economist so i wouldnt be suprised if its off. but i think he was factoring in, land purchases, higher land values, investments, businesses, apartments and houses, food consumed, services consumed, cars purchased etc etc by iraqis.

  3. “but i think he was factoring in, land purchases, higher land values, investments, businesses, apartments and houses, food consumed, services consumed, cars purchased etc etc by iraqis.”

    All that put together can not exceed $5-10 billion using any calculus; nowhere near $500 billion!!

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