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14 thoughts on “Jordan Planet: Overpopulated?

  1. looll 😀
    well, i think most of what you said is right.
    i open jordan planet daily, and read only the titles of bloggers posts and when some titles grab my attanion, i read the first 3 lines of the post, and i liked them so i click on the headline to read the whole story, and there is somthing i have to share i comment on this post.
    but at the beginning when i joined before 7 months, i used to read all posts and comment on most of them coz they were a few, and their type of posts where nice and intresting … but now i feel that there is somthing wrong, i dont know but i dont enjoy reading jordan planet like before …

  2. I think it’s still workable at this point; but if the numbers continue to grow then the current format will no longer remain viable.

    I’m not sure what can solve this problem; but it certainly is NOT to reject newcomers. Maybe a format can be designed where each blogger has a check-box by their name, and a viewer can check the names of the bloggers whose posts they want to be displayed in the aggregator.

  3. I think it’s still workable at this point; but if the numbers continue to grow then the current format will no longer remain viable.

    I’m not sure what can solve this problem; but it certainly is NOT to reject newcomers. Maybe a format can be designed where each blogger has a check-box by their name, and a viewer can check the names of the bloggers whose posts they want to be displayed in the aggregator.

  4. Naseem, that was funny 🙂

    I don’t know about a check box.. how would you know if someone of your not-so-favorite bloggers, and hence uncheked, said something that you just can’t resist commenting on? 🙂

    I think inline with the recent JP pole, displaying the 50 or so first words of the post would solve the crowdedness issue, and everyone’s voice will be heard equally (or their posts will be on JP’s first page longer :), just like Naseem’s posts are displayed on JP now. Maybe people who can control that can take the initiative and start displaying their posts in that way (I believe Blogger has an option for that under publishing the xml feed).

  5. Samra, I was half-joking actually so don’t worry. In fact I started out this post with a “big welcome” so give me some credit.

    On the other hand I was trying to draw attention to the fact that when a place expands, beit a family, a business, a nation or even a website…it has to accomodate or everyone becomes disadvantaged. It’s basic Jordanian Economic Theory, if the demand is high and the supply is too low then the people go home to get their ganwas and that’s not a pretty sight.

  6. Alright, am one of the new bloggers here and it is a real pleasure for me to be here.

    However, the way I see it, is that the MORE people join, the better it is, this is actually what we need in Jordan, as many different views on things as possible.

    If it is too much for some, maybe a design stunt could do it for them.

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