The Fugees Take It Easy

I’m not a fan of rap music simply because I think most of it sucks. I don’t comprehend music where every song is basically about sex, prostitutes and, well, sex.

Though when “The Score” came out almost a decade ago I fell in love with The Fugees. Not only do their lyrics mean something but they actually have talent to back it up which is something rare in the now dying hip hop genre. The Score continues to be one of my favorite albums of all time.

So after 9 years they’ve reunited for a new album to be released in late December.

But the new single “Take it Easy” is out, so check it out on the radio.


  • I was just thinking about this today, Rap in itself is not bad at all. Some Rap artists have the talent but for some reason they end up swimming with the tide. If only they talk about other stuff!

  • SC, well hip hop is really (in my opinion) a form of urban commentary and a lot of the original artists that helped create it emodied that very spirit. Everything else was just industrialized.

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