Jordan: Most Competitive Cell Market

Jordan has overtaken Palestine as the most competitive Arab cellular market, followed closely by Palestine and Algeria. Saudi Arabia’s cellular market moved from 12th place in 2004 to the 6th place in 2005 as the Kingdom successfully and impressively introduced competition in its cellular market. The results are based on Arab Advisors’ objective annual Cellular Competition Intensity Index, which is released annually…

The Cellular Competition Intensity Index results for 2005 revealed that Jordan now tops the score -as the most competitive Arab market- with an 84% mark followed by Palestine (73%), Algeria (66%), Iraq (62%), Morocco (60%) Saudi Arabia (55%), Yemen (54%), Egypt (51%), Tunisia (49%), Kuwait (43%), Lebanon (42%), Syria (41%), Bahrain (36%), Sudan (32%), Libya (29%), Oman (26%) Qatar 18% and finally UAE at 13%.

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Finally we’re number one at something, and it actually involves technology!


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